CSharp - Passing a Reference Type as Value for Array


Passing a Reference Type as Value for Array


using System;

class Program/* w  ww .j a  v a 2s .  c  om*/
    static void CheckMe(int[] arr)
        arr[0] = 15;
        arr[1] = 25;
        arr = new int[3] { 100, 200, 300 };
        Console.WriteLine("Inside CheckMe(),arr[0]={0}", arr[0]);//100
        Console.WriteLine("Inside CheckMe(),arr[1]={0}", arr[1]);//200
        Console.WriteLine("Inside CheckMe(),arr[2]={0}", arr[2]);//300
    static void Main(string[] args)
        int[] myArray = { 1, 2, 3 };
        Console.WriteLine("At the beginning,myArray[0]={0}", myArray[0]);//1
        Console.WriteLine("At the beginning,myArray[1]={0}", myArray[1]);//2
        Console.WriteLine("At the beginning,myArray[2]={0}", myArray[2]);//3
        Console.WriteLine("At the end,myArray[0]={0}", myArray[0]);//15
        Console.WriteLine("At the end,myArray[1]={0}", myArray[1]);//25
        Console.WriteLine("At the end,myArray[2]={0}", myArray[2]);//3



In the CheckMe() method, once we created a new array, the reference array started pointing to a new array.

no change is imposed in the original array, which was created inside Main().

After that operation, we were dealing with two different arrays.

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