CSharp - Property Properties Definition


Properties are fields with logics.

The following code get and set CurrentRadius from Circle.

Circle myCircle = new Circle();
myCircle.CurrentRadius = 30;
myCircle.CurrentRadius -= 3;
Console.WriteLine (myCircle.CurrentRadius);

CurrentRadius is like a field when you are using them.

A property is declared like a field, but with a get/set block added.

Here's how to implement CurrentRadius as a property:

class Circle
       decimal currentRadius;           // The private "backing" field

       public decimal CurrentRadius     // The public property
         get { return currentRadius; }
         set { currentRadius = value; }

get and set are property accessors.

get accessor runs when the property is read.

It must return a value of the property's type.

set accessor runs when the property is assigned.

It has an implicit parameter named value of the property's type that you typically assign to a private field(currentRadius).

Properties give the implementer complete control over getting and setting its value.


Properties allow the following modifiers:

Modifier Value
Static modifier static
Access modifierspublic internal private protected
Inheritance modifiers new virtual abstract override sealed
Unmanaged code modifiers unsafe extern

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