CSharp - Method ref modifier


To pass by reference, C# provides the ref parameter modifier.

A parameter can be passed by reference or by value, regardless of whether the parameter is a reference type or a value type.

In the following example, p and x refer to the same memory locations:


using System;
class MainClass//  w  w w  . ja  v a2  s  . c  om
       static void Test (ref int p)
         p = p + 1;               // Increment p by 1
         Console.WriteLine (p);   // Write p to screen

       static void Main()
         int x = 8;
         Test (ref  x);            // x
         Console.WriteLine (x);   // x is now 9


assigning p a new value changes the contents of x.

ref modifier is required both when writing and when calling the method.

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