CSharp Language Basics string

CSharp examples for Language Basics:string


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  1. Strings and Characters
  2. Escape sequences express characters that cannot be expressed or interpreted literally.
  3. String Type
  4. C# verbatim string literals.
  5. String concatenation
  6. String interpolation
  7. Demonstrating string class constructors.
  8. string indexer, Length property and CopyTo method

  9. Comparing strings for equality
  10. Demonstrating StartsWith and EndsWith methods.
  11. Searching for characters and substrings in strings.
  12. Demonstrating the string Substring method.
  13. Demonstrating string class Concat method.
  14. Demonstrating string methods Replace, ToLower, ToUpper and Trim.
  15. Unicode enconding demonstration.
  16. Inserting content into a string with string interpolation.

  17. Encode a String Using Alternate Character Encoding
  18. Output string with escape character
  19. The Special String Formatter- @
  20. Create and use a String Object
  21. Comparing Strings
  22. String Contains String
  23. Getting a Substring
  24. Joining Strings
  25. Format value in string interpolation
  26. Output value via string interpolation
  27. String ToUpper() does not modify String. it returns a new string that has been converted
  28. Test search methods on String
  29. String edit and convert methods
  30. Get rid of special characters in a string using split
  31. Removes every occurrence of the specified characters from the string.
  32. Input a series of numbers separated by commas, parse them into integers and output the sum.
  33. Specifying a 'culture' in string comparison
  34. Eager Evaluation during String Interpolation
  35. Count Character in a string
  36. Preformatted text with @
  37. Joining two texts using plus sign
  38. Mix string and number during string concatenation
  39. Storing text in String variable
  40. Check String Length
  41. Convert string to lower case and compare
  42. Reads in 3 user specified strings and sorts them in alphabetic order.
  43. Work on Texts via string object
  44. Check if the variable is an empty string