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The dfn element marks the defining instance of a term.

The dfn element is used to explain the meaning of a word.

The dfn element's title attribute must be the term that is being defined.

If the dfn element contains an abbr element, the abbreviation is the term that is being defined.

If dfn element has no title attribute and the contents of the element are text, then the text represents the term being defined.

The dfn Element summary

Item Value
Local Attributes None
Contents Text or one abbr element
Tag Style Start and end tag
New in HTML5 No
Changes in HTML5 None
Style Convention None

Using the dfn Element

Demo Code

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<!DOCTYPE html>
          The <!--   ww w. j a  v a2 s.c om-->
         <dfn title="CSS">CSS</dfn>
          is cool. 

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