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public JavaType getType() 

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From source file:org.bonitasoft.engine.business.data.impl.jackson.EntityBeanSerializerModifier.java

private static boolean shouldBeIgnored(BeanDescription beanDescription) {
    JavaType type = beanDescription.getType();
    Class<?> rawClass = type.getRawClass();
    if (LOG.isTraceEnabled()) {
        LOG.trace("Checking if it has to be ignored - {} / {}", type, rawClass);
        LOG.trace("Interfaces: {}", getNames(ClassUtils.getAllInterfaces(rawClass)));
        LOG.trace("Superclasses: {}", getNames(ClassUtils.getAllSuperclasses(rawClass)));
    }//from   ww  w. jav a2s . co m
    if (MethodHandler.class.isAssignableFrom(rawClass) || Proxy.class.isAssignableFrom(rawClass)) {
        return true;
    return false;