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public boolean enabledByDefault() 

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From source file:org.jberet.support.io.MappingJsonFactoryObjectFactory.java

static void configureDeserializationFeatures(final ObjectMapper objectMapper, final String features) {
    final StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(features, ",");
    while (st.hasMoreTokens()) {
        final String[] pair = NoMappingJsonFactoryObjectFactory.parseSingleFeatureValue(st.nextToken().trim());
        final String key = pair[0];
        final String value = pair[1];

        final DeserializationFeature feature;
        try {/*from www.  j av  a 2s  . c o m*/
            feature = DeserializationFeature.valueOf(key);
        } catch (final Exception e1) {
            throw SupportMessages.MESSAGES.unrecognizedReaderWriterProperty(key, value);
        if ("true".equals(value)) {
            if (!feature.enabledByDefault()) {
                objectMapper.configure(feature, true);
        } else if ("false".equals(value)) {
            if (feature.enabledByDefault()) {
                objectMapper.configure(feature, false);
        } else {
            throw SupportMessages.MESSAGES.invalidReaderWriterProperty(null, value, key);