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public int containedTypeCount() 

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From source file:javaslang.jackson.datatype.deserialize.MaplikeDeserializer.java

private static MapLikeType mapLike(JavaType type, DeserializationContext ctxt) {
    JavaType keyType = type.containedTypeCount() > 0 ? type.containedType(0) : TypeFactory.unknownType();
    JavaType valueType = type.containedTypeCount() > 1 ? type.containedType(1) : TypeFactory.unknownType();
    return ctxt.getTypeFactory().constructMapLikeType(type.getRawClass(), keyType, valueType);

From source file:org.mongojack.internal.MongoJackDeserializers.java

public JsonDeserializer<?> findBeanDeserializer(JavaType type, DeserializationConfig config,
        BeanDescription beanDesc) throws JsonMappingException {
    if (type.getRawClass() == DBRef.class) {
        if (type.containedTypeCount() != 2) {
            throw new JsonMappingException("Property doesn't declare object and key type");
        }/*from w  w  w  .  j  a  va 2  s  .  c om*/
        JavaType objectType = type.containedType(0);
        JavaType keyType = type.containedType(1);
        return new DBRefDeserializer(objectType, keyType);
    return super.findBeanDeserializer(type, config, beanDesc);