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public abstract boolean equals(Object paramObject);

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From source file:nl.talsmasoftware.enumerables.support.json.jackson2.EnumerableDeserializer.java

 * Creates a more specific deserializer in case this instance is the 'general untyped' instance. The available
 * type information from the bean property and the deserialization context will be used to return a more specific
 * instance in that case.//from ww  w  . j ava2s  .  com
 * If this deserializer is already specific, or no additional type information can be obtained, the method simply
 * returns a reference to <code>this</code> instance.
 * @param ctxt     The deserialization context to obtain type information from, if possible.
 * @param property The bean property to obtain type information from, if possible.
 * @return A more specific deserializer or a reference to <code>this</code> instance in case no more specific
 * deserializer could be found.
public JsonDeserializer<?> createContextual(DeserializationContext ctxt, BeanProperty property) {
    JavaType type = property != null ? property.getType() : null;
    if (asEnumerableSubclass(type) != null && !type.equals(javaType))
        return new EnumerableDeserializer(type);

    type = Compatibility.getContextualType(ctxt);
    if (asEnumerableSubclass(type) != null && !type.equals(javaType))
        return new EnumerableDeserializer(type);

    return this;