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public final native Class<?> getClass();

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Returns the runtime class of this Object .


From source file:com.addthis.codec.jackson.CodecBeanDeserializerModifier.java

public JsonDeserializer<?> modifyEnumDeserializer(DeserializationConfig config, JavaType type,
        BeanDescription beanDesc, JsonDeserializer<?> deserializer) {
    JsonDeserializer<?> delegatee = deserializer.getDelegatee();
    if (delegatee != null) {
        JsonDeserializer<?> replacementDelegatee = modifyEnumDeserializer(config, type, beanDesc, delegatee);
        return deserializer.replaceDelegatee(replacementDelegatee);
    } else if (modifyEnum && deserializer.getClass().equals(EnumDeserializer.class)) {
        EnumResolver enumResolver = EnumResolver.constructUnsafe(type.getRawClass(),
        return new CaseIgnoringEnumDeserializer(enumResolver);
    } else {/*w w w  .  jav a2s  .c  om*/
        return deserializer;

From source file:org.springframework.http.converter.json.Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.java

 * Configure custom deserializers. Each deserializer is registered for the type
 * returned by {@link JsonDeserializer#handledType()}, which must not be {@code null}.
 * @since 4.3//from  w ww.ja  v a  2s .  c  o  m
 * @see #deserializersByType(Map)
public Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder deserializers(JsonDeserializer<?>... deserializers) {
    for (JsonDeserializer<?> deserializer : deserializers) {
        Class<?> handledType = deserializer.handledType();
        if (handledType == null || handledType == Object.class) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unknown handled type in " + deserializer.getClass().getName());
        this.deserializers.put(deserializer.handledType(), deserializer);
    return this;