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public static JsonMappingException wrapWithPath(Throwable paramThrowable, Object paramObject,
            String paramString) 

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From source file:com.addthis.codec.jackson.CodecBeanDeserializer.java

private void handleDefaultsAndRequiredAndNull(DeserializationContext ctxt, ObjectNode fieldValues)
        throws JsonMappingException {
    Iterator<SettableBeanProperty> propertyIterator = getDelegatee().properties();
    while (propertyIterator.hasNext()) {
        SettableBeanProperty prop = propertyIterator.next();
        String propertyName = prop.getName();
        JsonNode fieldValue = fieldValues.path(propertyName);
        if (fieldValue.isMissingNode() || fieldValue.isNull()) {
            if (fieldDefaults.hasNonNull(propertyName)) {
                fieldValue = fieldDefaults.get(propertyName).deepCopy();
                fieldValues.set(propertyName, fieldValue);
            } else if (prop.isRequired()) {
                throw MissingPropertyException.from(ctxt.getParser(), prop.getType().getRawClass(),
                        propertyName, getKnownPropertyNames());
            } else if (fieldValue.isNull()
                    && (prop.getType().isPrimitive() || (prop.getValueDeserializer().getNullValue() == null))) {
                // don't overwrite possible hard-coded defaults/ values with nulls unless they are fancy
            }/*from  ww w  . ja  v  a2 s  .c o  m*/
        if (fieldValue.isTextual()) {
            try {
                // sometimes we erroneously get strings that would parse into valid numbers and maybe other edge
                // cases (eg. when using system property overrides in typesafe-config). So we'll go ahead and guard
                // with this regex to make sure we only get reasonable candidates.
                Time time = prop.getAnnotation(Time.class);
                if ((time != null) && NUMBER_UNIT.matcher(fieldValue.textValue()).matches()) {
                    Duration dropWizardDuration = Duration.parse(fieldValue.asText());
                    long asLong = time.value().convert(dropWizardDuration.getQuantity(),
                    fieldValues.put(propertyName, asLong);
                } else if ((prop.getAnnotation(Bytes.class) != null)
                        && NUMBER_UNIT.matcher(fieldValue.textValue()).matches()) {
                    Size dropWizardSize = Size.parse(fieldValue.asText());
                    long asLong = dropWizardSize.toBytes();
                    fieldValues.put(propertyName, asLong);
            } catch (Throwable cause) {
                throw JsonMappingException.wrapWithPath(cause, prop.getType().getRawClass(), propertyName);