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Constructors that should only be used for non-reusable convenience modules used by app code: "real" modules should use actual name and version number information.
SimpleModule(String name, Version version)
Constructor to use for actual reusable modules.
SimpleModule(String name)
Convenience constructor that will default version to Version#unknownVersion() .
SimpleModule(Version version)
Convenience constructor that will use specified Version, including name from Version#getArtifactId()


SimpleModuleaddAbstractTypeMapping(Class superType, Class subType)
Lazily-constructed resolver used for storing mappings from abstract classes to more specific implementing classes (which may be abstract or concrete)
SimpleModuleaddDeserializer(Class type, JsonDeserializer deser)
SimpleModuleaddKeyDeserializer(Class type, KeyDeserializer deser)
SimpleModuleaddKeySerializer(Class type, JsonSerializer ser)
SimpleModuleaddSerializer(Class type, JsonSerializer ser)
SimpleModuleaddSerializer(JsonSerializer ser)
voidsetAbstractTypes(SimpleAbstractTypeResolver atr)
Resets currently configured abstract type mappings
SimpleModulesetDeserializerModifier(BeanDeserializerModifier mod)
SimpleModulesetMixInAnnotation(Class targetType, Class mixinClass)
Method for specifying that annotations define by mixinClass should be "mixed in" with annotations that targetType has (as if they were directly included on it!).
SimpleModulesetSerializerModifier(BeanSerializerModifier mod)
voidsetupModule(SetupContext context)
Standard implementation handles registration of all configured customizations: it is important that sub-classes call this implementation (usually before additional custom logic) if they choose to override it; otherwise customizations will not be registered.