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public TextNode textNode(String paramString) 

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From source file:io.fabric8.collector.elasticsearch.JsonNodes.java

 * Sets a property on a node/* w ww . ja va 2  s  . com*/
public static boolean set(JsonNode node, String name, String text) {
    JsonNodeFactory nodeFactory = JsonNodeFactory.instance;
    return set(node, name, nodeFactory.textNode(text));

From source file:com.ikanow.aleph2.v1.document_db.utils.JsonNodeBsonUtils.java

/** Utility that goes from various MongoDB artefacts to JsonNode
 * @param x//from w ww.ja v  a 2s. c  om
 * @return
protected static JsonNode transform(Object x, JsonNodeFactory nc) {
    if (null == x) { // missing => missing
        return null;
    } else if (x instanceof ObjectId) {
        return nc.textNode(((ObjectId) x).toString());
    } else if (x instanceof Boolean) {
        return nc.booleanNode(((Boolean) x));
    } else if (x instanceof String) {
        return nc.textNode(((String) x));
    } else if (x instanceof Date) {
        return nc.numberNode(((Date) x).getTime());
    } else if (x instanceof Double) {
        return nc.numberNode(((Double) x));
    } else if (x instanceof Float) {
        return nc.numberNode(((Float) x));
    } else if (x instanceof Long) {
        return nc.numberNode(((Long) x));
    } else if (x instanceof Integer) {
        return nc.numberNode(((Integer) x));
    } else if (x instanceof byte[]) {
        return nc.binaryNode(((byte[]) x));
    } else if (x instanceof BasicBSONList) {
        // (don't do this lazily, construct entire thing once requested)
        return new ArrayNodeWrapper(nc, (BasicBSONList) x);
    } else if (x instanceof BSONObject) { // recurse! (ish)
        return new ObjectNodeWrapper(nc, (BSONObject) x);
    } else
        return nc.nullNode();

From source file:com.ikanow.aleph2.search_service.elasticsearch.utils.JsonNodeWritableUtils.java

/** Utility that goes from Writable to JsonNode
 * @param x//from  w  w  w . j  a v a 2s  .com
 * @return
protected static JsonNode transform(Object x, JsonNodeFactory nc) {
    if (null == x) {
        return null; //(missing->missing)
    } else if (x instanceof NullWritable) {
        return nc.nullNode();
    } else if (x instanceof BooleanWritable) {
        return nc.booleanNode(((BooleanWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof Text) {
        return nc.textNode(((Text) x).toString());
    } else if (x instanceof ByteWritable) {
        return nc.binaryNode(new byte[] { ((ByteWritable) x).get() });
    } else if (x instanceof IntWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((IntWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof VIntWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((VIntWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof LongWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((LongWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof VLongWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((VLongWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof BytesWritable) {
        return nc.binaryNode(((BytesWritable) x).getBytes());
    } else if (x instanceof DoubleWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((DoubleWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof FloatWritable) {
        return nc.numberNode(((FloatWritable) x).get());
    } else if (x instanceof ArrayWritable) {
        Writable[] xx = ((ArrayWritable) x).get();
        // (don't do this lazily, construct entire thing once requested)
        return new ArrayNodeWrapper(nc, xx);
    } else if (x instanceof MapWritable) { // recurse! (ish)
        return new ObjectNodeWrapper(nc, (MapWritable) x);
    } else
        return nc.nullNode();

From source file:org.teavm.flavour.json.test.TeaVMJSONRunner.java

public static final JsonNode convert(JsonNodeFactory nf, Node node) {
    if (node.isNull()) {
        return nf.nullNode();
    } else if (node.isBoolean()) {
        BooleanNode booleanNode = (BooleanNode) node;
        return nf.booleanNode(booleanNode.getValue());
    } else if (node.isNumber()) {
        NumberNode numberNode = (NumberNode) node;
        if (numberNode.isInt()) {
            return nf.numberNode(numberNode.getIntValue());
        } else {//from w ww . j  a  v  a  2  s  .com
            return nf.numberNode(numberNode.getValue());
    } else if (node.isString()) {
        StringNode stringNode = (StringNode) node;
        return nf.textNode(stringNode.getValue());
    } else if (node.isArray()) {
        ArrayNode result = nf.arrayNode();
        org.teavm.flavour.json.tree.ArrayNode source = (org.teavm.flavour.json.tree.ArrayNode) node;
        for (int i = 0; i < source.size(); ++i) {
            result.add(convert(nf, source.get(i)));
        return result;
    } else if (node.isObject()) {
        com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode result = nf.objectNode();
        ObjectNode objectNode = (ObjectNode) node;
        for (String key : objectNode.allKeys()) {
            result.replace(key, convert(nf, objectNode.get(key)));
        return result;
    } else {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Can't convert this JSON node");

From source file:com.redhat.lightblue.metadata.types.StringType.java

public JsonNode toJson(JsonNodeFactory factory, Object obj) {
    return factory.textNode((String) cast(obj));

From source file:juzu.plugin.jackson.AbstractJacksonResponseTestCase.java

public void testResponse() throws Exception {
    HttpGet get = new HttpGet(applicationURL().toString());
    HttpClient client = HttpClientBuilder.create().build();
    HttpResponse response = client.execute(get);
    assertEquals(200, response.getStatusLine().getStatusCode());
    assertEquals("application/json;charset=ISO-8859-1", response.getEntity().getContentType().getValue());
    ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    JsonNode tree = mapper.readTree(response.getEntity().getContent());
    JsonNodeFactory factory = JsonNodeFactory.instance;
    JsonNode expected = factory.objectNode().set("foo", factory.textNode("bar"));
    assertEquals(expected, tree);/*www . j av  a2  s. c  o m*/

From source file:com.redhat.lightblue.metadata.types.DateType.java

public JsonNode toJson(JsonNodeFactory factory, Object obj) {
    return factory.textNode(getDateFormat().format((Date) cast(obj)));

From source file:com.netflix.genie.web.controllers.RootRestController.java

 * Get a simple HAL+JSON object which represents the various links available in Genie REST API as an entry point.
 * @return the root resource containing various links to the real APIs
 *///from w  w  w .j a v  a 2  s .  co m
@GetMapping(produces = MediaTypes.HAL_JSON_VALUE)
public RootResource getRoot() {
    final JsonNodeFactory factory = JsonNodeFactory.instance;
    final JsonNode node = factory.objectNode().set("description", factory.textNode("Genie V3 API"));
    return this.rootResourceAssembler.toResource(node);

From source file:io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.KubernetesHelper.java

protected static JsonNode findOrCreateConfig(Object[] objects) {
    for (Object object : objects) {
        if (object instanceof JsonNode) {
            JsonNode jsonNode = (JsonNode) object;
            JsonNode items = jsonNode.get("items");
            if (items != null && items.isArray()) {
                return jsonNode;
            }/*from  ww  w  .j a va2  s.  c om*/

    // lets create a new list
    JsonNodeFactory factory = createNodeFactory();
    ObjectNode config = factory.objectNode();
    config.set("apiVersion", factory.textNode("v1beta2"));
    config.set("kind", factory.textNode("List"));
    config.set("items", factory.arrayNode());
    return config;

From source file:org.kiji.rest.TestKijiRestEntityId.java

public void testShouldCreateListsOfEntityIds() throws Exception {
    final TableLayoutDesc desc = KijiTableLayouts.getLayout("org/kiji/rest/layouts/rkf_hashprefixed.json");
    final KijiTableLayout layout = KijiTableLayout.newLayout(desc);
    final EntityIdFactory factory = EntityIdFactory.getFactory(layout);
    final byte[] rowKey = Bytes.toBytes(UNUSUAL_STRING_EID);
    final EntityId originalEid = factory.getEntityIdFromHBaseRowKey(rowKey);

    // test the creation of entity ids from raw hbase rowkey
    final KijiRestEntityId restEid1 = KijiRestEntityId.createFromUrl(
            String.format("hbase_hex=%s", new String(Hex.encodeHex(originalEid.getHBaseRowKey()))), layout);
    final KijiRestEntityId restEid2 = KijiRestEntityId.createFromUrl(
            String.format("hbase=%s", Bytes.toStringBinary(originalEid.getHBaseRowKey())), layout);

    final JsonNodeFactory jsonNodeFactory = new JsonNodeFactory(true);
    final JsonNode hbaseHexStringNode = jsonNodeFactory
            .textNode(String.format("hbase_hex=%s", new String(Hex.encodeHex(originalEid.getHBaseRowKey()))));
    final JsonNode hbaseBinaryStringNode = jsonNodeFactory
            .textNode(String.format("hbase_hex=%s", new String(Hex.encodeHex(originalEid.getHBaseRowKey()))));
    ArrayNode hbaseListNode = jsonNodeFactory.arrayNode();

    final List<KijiRestEntityId> restEidList1 = KijiRestEntityId.createListFromUrl(hbaseListNode.toString(),
            layout);/*from   www . j  av  a 2  s .c o  m*/

    assertEquals(restEid1.resolve(layout), restEidList1.get(0).resolve(layout));
    assertEquals(restEid2.resolve(layout), restEidList1.get(1).resolve(layout));

    // test the creation of entity ids from various json strings
    final KijiRestEntityId restEid3 = KijiRestEntityId.createFromUrl("[\"Hello\",\"World\"]", layout);
    final List<KijiRestEntityId> restEidList3 = KijiRestEntityId.createListFromUrl("[[\"Hello\",\"World\"]]",
    final KijiRestEntityId restEid4 = KijiRestEntityId.createFromUrl("[[],\"World\"]", layout);
    final List<KijiRestEntityId> restEidList4 = KijiRestEntityId
            .createListFromUrl("[[[],\"World\"],[\"Hello\",\"World\"]]", layout);

    assertEquals(restEid3.resolve(layout), restEidList3.get(0).resolve(layout));
    assertEquals(restEid4.getStringEntityId(), restEidList4.get(0).getStringEntityId());
    assertEquals(1, restEidList3.size());
    assertEquals(2, restEidList4.size());