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public SubtypeResolver getSubtypeResolver() 

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Method for accessing subtype resolver in use.


From source file:com.flipkart.foxtrot.core.TestUtils.java

public static void registerActions(AnalyticsLoader analyticsLoader, ObjectMapper mapper) throws Exception {
    Reflections reflections = new Reflections("com.flipkart.foxtrot", new SubTypesScanner());
    Set<Class<? extends Action>> actions = reflections.getSubTypesOf(Action.class);
    if (actions.isEmpty()) {
        throw new Exception("No analytics actions found!!");
    }//from   w w w . j  a v a2s.c  om
    List<NamedType> types = new Vector<NamedType>();
    for (Class<? extends Action> action : actions) {
        AnalyticsProvider analyticsProvider = action.getAnnotation(AnalyticsProvider.class);
        if (null == analyticsProvider.request() || null == analyticsProvider.opcode()
                || analyticsProvider.opcode().isEmpty() || null == analyticsProvider.response()) {
            throw new Exception("Invalid annotation on " + action.getCanonicalName());
        if (analyticsProvider.opcode().equalsIgnoreCase("default")) {
            logger.warn("Action " + action.getCanonicalName() + " does not specify cache token. "
                    + "Using default cache.");
        analyticsLoader.register(new ActionMetadata(analyticsProvider.request(), action,
                analyticsProvider.cacheable(), analyticsProvider.opcode()));
        types.add(new NamedType(analyticsProvider.request(), analyticsProvider.opcode()));
        types.add(new NamedType(analyticsProvider.response(), analyticsProvider.opcode()));
        logger.info("Registered action: " + action.getCanonicalName());
    mapper.getSubtypeResolver().registerSubtypes(types.toArray(new NamedType[types.size()]));

From source file:org.deeplearning4j.nn.conf.ComputationGraphConfiguration.java

 * Create a computation graph configuration from json
 * @param json the neural net configuration from json
 * @return {@link org.deeplearning4j.nn.conf.ComputationGraphConfiguration}
 *///  ww w.  j  av  a2  s .c  om
public static ComputationGraphConfiguration fromJson(String json) {
    //As per MultiLayerConfiguration.fromJson()
    ObjectMapper mapper = NeuralNetConfiguration.mapper();
    try {
        return mapper.readValue(json, ComputationGraphConfiguration.class);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        //No op - try again after adding new subtypes

    //Try: programmatically registering JSON subtypes for GraphVertex classes. This allows users to to add custom GraphVertex
    // implementations without needing to manually register subtypes
    //First: get all registered subtypes
    AnnotatedClass ac = AnnotatedClass.construct(GraphVertex.class,
            mapper.getSerializationConfig().getAnnotationIntrospector(), null);
    Collection<NamedType> types = mapper.getSubtypeResolver().collectAndResolveSubtypes(ac,
            mapper.getSerializationConfig(), mapper.getSerializationConfig().getAnnotationIntrospector());
    Set<Class<?>> registeredSubtypes = new HashSet<>();
    for (NamedType nt : types) {

    //Second: get all subtypes of GraphVertex using reflection
    Reflections reflections = new Reflections();
    Set<Class<? extends GraphVertex>> subTypes = reflections.getSubTypesOf(GraphVertex.class);

    //Third: register all subtypes that are not already registered
    List<NamedType> toRegister = new ArrayList<>();
    for (Class<? extends GraphVertex> c : subTypes) {
        if (!registeredSubtypes.contains(c)) {
            String name;
            if (ClassUtils.isInnerClass(c)) {
                Class<?> c2 = c.getDeclaringClass();
                name = c2.getSimpleName() + "$" + c.getSimpleName();
            } else {
                name = c.getSimpleName();
            toRegister.add(new NamedType(c, name));
    mapper = NeuralNetConfiguration.reinitMapperWithSubtypes(toRegister);

    try {
        return mapper.readValue(json, ComputationGraphConfiguration.class);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        throw new RuntimeException(e);