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public ObjectWriter writerWithType(JavaType rootType) 

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Factory method for constructing ObjectWriter that will serialize objects using specified root type, instead of actual runtime type of value.


From source file:org.mashti.jetson.util.JsonGeneratorUtil.java

 * Writes the given {@code values} as a JSON array with the given field name and serialises each value as a provided type.
 * An {@link ObjectMapper} must be present as the {@code generator}'s {@link JsonGenerator#getCodec() codec}.
 * For each value in the given {@code values}, a type must be provided under the same index in {@code value_types}.
 * This method supports parameterised types.
 * @param generator the JSON generator/*  w  ww. j a v  a  2s  .  com*/
 * @param field_name the field name of the JSON array
 * @param value_types the types of the values
 * @param values the values
 * @throws IOException Signals that an I/O exception has occurred.
public static void writeValuesAs(final JsonGenerator generator, final String field_name,
        final Type[] value_types, final Object[] values) throws IOException {

    if (values != null && values.length > 0) {
        final ObjectMapper mapper = (ObjectMapper) generator.getCodec();
        int i = 0;
        for (final Object value : values) {
            final Type value_type = value_types[i++];
            final ObjectWriter writer = mapper.writerWithType(JsonParserUtil.toTypeReference(value_type));
            writer.writeValue(generator, value);

From source file:org.n52.web.BaseController.java

private void writeExceptionResponse(WebException e, HttpServletResponse response, HttpStatus status) {

    if (status == INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR) {
        LOGGER.error("An exception occured.", e);
    } else {//from  w ww . j a va2 s  .co  m
        LOGGER.debug("An exception occured.", e);

    // TODO consider using a 'suppress_response_codes=true' parameter and always return 200 OK

    ObjectMapper objectMapper = createObjectMapper();
    ObjectWriter writer = objectMapper.writerWithType(ExceptionResponse.class);
    ExceptionResponse exceptionResponse = createExceptionResponse(e, status);
    try {
        writer.writeValue(response.getOutputStream(), exceptionResponse);
    } catch (IOException ioe) {
        LOGGER.error("Could not process error message.", e);

From source file:com.feedzai.fos.api.CategoricalAttributeTest.java

public void testJackson() throws Exception {
    List<Attribute> attributes = new ArrayList<>();
    attributes.add(field);//from   w  ww . j  av  a  2  s  .c o  m

    ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    TypeReference<List<Attribute>> typeReference = new TypeReference<List<Attribute>>() {
    String result = mapper.writerWithType(typeReference).writeValueAsString(attributes);
    List<Attribute> deserialized = mapper.readValue(result, typeReference);
    assertEquals(attributes.size(), deserialized.size());
    CategoricalAttribute extracted = (CategoricalAttribute) deserialized.get(0);
    assertEquals(field.getName(), extracted.getName());
    assertEquals(field.getCategoricalInstances(), extracted.getCategoricalInstances());

From source file:test.com.wealdtech.jackson.modules.WIDModuleTest.java

public void testObjectMap() {
    final ObjectMapper mapper = WealdMapper.getMapper().copy().enableDefaultTyping();

    final Map<String, Object> map = Maps.newHashMap();
    map.put("test1", new Date());
    map.put("test2", new InetSocketAddress(10));

    try {//  w  w  w  .  j  ava 2 s.  c om
        final String ser = mapper.writerWithType(Map.class).writeValueAsString(map);
        final Map<String, Object> deser = this.mapper.readValue(ser, new TypeReference<Map<String, Object>>() {
        assertTrue(deser.get("test1") instanceof Date);
        assertTrue(deser.get("test2") instanceof InetSocketAddress);
    } catch (final IOException e) {
        fail("Failed", e);

From source file:com.proofpoint.http.client.SmileBodyGenerator.java

public static <T> SmileBodyGenerator<T> smileBodyGenerator(JsonCodec<T> jsonCodec, T instance) {
    ObjectMapper objectMapper = OBJECT_MAPPER_SUPPLIER.get();
    ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    JsonGenerator jsonGenerator;// w  w  w.  j a va  2 s .  com
    try {
        jsonGenerator = new SmileFactory().createGenerator(out);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        throw propagate(e);

    Type genericType = jsonCodec.getType();
    // 04-Mar-2010, tatu: How about type we were given? (if any)
    JavaType rootType = null;
    if (genericType != null && instance != null) {
        // 10-Jan-2011, tatu: as per [JACKSON-456], it's not safe to just force root
        // type since it prevents polymorphic type serialization. Since we really
        // just need this for generics, let's only use generic type if it's truly
        // generic.
        if (genericType.getClass() != Class.class) { // generic types are other implementations of 'java.lang.reflect.Type'
            // This is still not exactly right; should root type be further
            // specialized with 'value.getClass()'? Let's see how well this works before
            // trying to come up with more complete solution.
            rootType = objectMapper.getTypeFactory().constructType(genericType);
            // 26-Feb-2011, tatu: To help with [JACKSON-518], we better recognize cases where
            // type degenerates back into "Object.class" (as is the case with plain TypeVariable,
            // for example), and not use that.
            if (rootType.getRawClass() == Object.class) {
                rootType = null;

    try {
        if (rootType != null) {
            objectMapper.writerWithType(rootType).writeValue(jsonGenerator, instance);
        } else {
            objectMapper.writeValue(jsonGenerator, instance);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                String.format("%s could not be converted to SMILE", instance.getClass().getName()), e);

    return new SmileBodyGenerator<>(out.toByteArray());