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public JsonNode readTree(String json) throws IOException, JsonProcessingException 

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Method that reads content from given JSON input String, using configuration of this reader, and binds it as JSON Tree.


From source file:io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.KubernetesHelper.java

 * Returns the given json data as a DTO such as
 * {@link Pod}, {@link ReplicationController} or
 * {@link io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.Service}
 * from the Kubernetes REST API or/*from  www  .  ja  va 2s  .  com*/
 * {@link JsonNode} if it cannot be recognised.
public static Object loadJson(byte[] json) throws IOException {
    if (json != null && json.length > 0) {
        ObjectReader reader = objectMapper.reader();
        JsonNode tree = reader.readTree(new ByteArrayInputStream(json));
        if (tree != null) {
            JsonNode kindNode = tree.get("kind");
            if (kindNode != null) {
                String kind = kindNode.asText();
                return loadEntity(json, kind, tree);
            } else {
                LOG.warn("No JSON type for: " + tree);
            return tree;
    return null;

From source file:org.jboss.aerogear.unifiedpush.rest.util.RequestTransformerTest.java

public void shouldTransformSenderRequest() throws IOException {
    //given/*from   w  w  w . j ava  2  s.c om*/
    ObjectReader reader = JacksonUtils.getReader();
    final String json = IOUtils.toString(getClass().getResourceAsStream("/message-format-100.json"));
    StringBuilder current = new StringBuilder(json);

    final StringBuilder patched = requestTransformer.transform("/rest/sender", "100", current);

    final JsonNode patchedNode = reader.readTree(patched.toString());
    JsonNode newNode = reader.readTree(getClass().getResourceAsStream("/new-message-format.json"));

    assertEquals(newNode, patchedNode);

From source file:com.erudika.para.i18n.OXRCurrencyConverter.java

private Sysprop fetchFxRatesJSON() {
    Map<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    Sysprop s = new Sysprop();
    ObjectReader reader = ParaObjectUtils.getJsonReader(Map.class);

    try {/*from   ww  w. j  a v a 2 s .c om*/
        CloseableHttpClient http = HttpClients.createDefault();
        HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet(SERVICE_URL);
        HttpResponse res = http.execute(httpGet);
        HttpEntity entity = res.getEntity();

        if (entity != null && Utils.isJsonType(entity.getContentType().getValue())) {
            JsonNode jsonNode = reader.readTree(entity.getContent());
            if (jsonNode != null) {
                JsonNode rates = jsonNode.get("rates");
                if (rates != null) {
                    map = reader.treeToValue(rates, Map.class);
                    //                  s.addProperty("fetched", Utils.formatDate("dd MM yyyy HH:mm", Locale.UK));
        logger.debug("Fetched rates from OpenExchange for {}.", new Date().toString());
    } catch (Exception e) {
        logger.error("TimerTask failed: {}", e);
    return s;

From source file:org.onosproject.drivers.ciena.waveserver.rest.CienaRestDevice.java

private JsonNode get(String uri) throws IOException {
    InputStream response = controller.get(deviceId, uri, MediaType.valueOf(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON));
    ObjectMapper om = new ObjectMapper();
    final ObjectReader reader = om.reader();
    // all waveserver responses contain data node, which contains the requested data
    return reader.readTree(response).get(DATA);