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From source file com.clicktravel.infrastructure.persistence.aws.cloudsearch.client.LowerCasePropertyNamingStrategy.java

 * A property naming strategy used by Object Mapper to correctly parse the JSON returned by Cloud Search into document
 * objects due to the lack of support for camel case. Only lower case index names are currently supported.
 * @see com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper#setPropertyNamingStrategy(PropertyNamingStrategy)

From source file com.wealdtech.jackson.LcStrategy.java

 * Simple naming strategy to force all JSON keys to lower-case.
 * There are a variety of naming conventions out there, but attempting
 * to remember which one is in use where is a pain.  In addition,
 * separation on word boundaries can case confusion (is it 'usergroup' or
 * 'user group', for example?).  Keeping everything lower-case avoids

From source file de.fraunhofer.iosb.ilt.sta.serialize.EntitySetCamelCaseNamingStrategy.java

 * Naming strategy for EntityCollection class. Ensures that field names refering to entities begin with a capital
 * letter.
 * @author jab