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public abstract WritableObjectId findObjectId(Object paramObject, ObjectIdGenerator<?> paramObjectIdGenerator);

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From source file:com.github.shyiko.jackson.module.advice.AdvisedBeanSerializer.java

protected void serializeWithObjectId(Object bean, JsonGenerator jgen, SerializerProvider provider,
        boolean startEndObject) throws IOException {
    final ObjectIdWriter w = _objectIdWriter;
    WritableObjectId objectId = provider.findObjectId(bean, w.generator);
    // If possible, write as id already
    if (objectId.writeAsId(jgen, provider, w)) {
        return;//  w  ww.  ja  v  a  2 s . c o  m
    // If not, need to inject the id:
    Object id = objectId.generateId(bean);
    if (w.alwaysAsId) {
        w.serializer.serialize(id, jgen, provider);
    if (startEndObject) {
    if (!beanSerializerAdvice.intercept(bean, jgen, provider)) {
        beanSerializerAdvice.before(bean, jgen, provider);
        objectId.writeAsField(jgen, provider, w);
        if (_propertyFilterId != null) {
            serializeFieldsFiltered(bean, jgen, provider);
        } else {
            serializeFields(bean, jgen, provider);
        beanSerializerAdvice.after(bean, jgen, provider);
    if (startEndObject) {