Java com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat.xml XmlMapper fields, constructors, methods, implement or subclass

Example usage for Java com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat.xml XmlMapper fields, constructors, methods, implement or subclass


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ObjectMapperaddHandler(DeserializationProblemHandler h)
Method for adding specified DeserializationProblemHandler to be used for handling specific problems during deserialization.
ObjectMapperconfigure(ToXmlGenerator.Feature f, boolean state)
ObjectMapperconfigure(FromXmlParser.Feature f, boolean state)
ObjectMapperdisable(ToXmlGenerator.Feature f)
ObjectMapperdisable(FromXmlParser.Feature f)
ObjectReaderreader(DeserializationFeature feature)
Factory method for constructing ObjectReader with specified feature enabled (compared to settings that this mapper instance has).
TreadTree(JsonParser jp)
Method to deserialize JSON content as tree expressed using set of JsonNode instances.
TreadValue(JsonParser jp, Class valueType)
Method to deserialize JSON content into a non-container type (it can be an array type, however): typically a bean, array or a wrapper type (like java.lang.Boolean ).
ObjectMapperregisterModule(Module module)
Method for registering a module that can extend functionality provided by this mapper; for example, by adding providers for custom serializers and deserializers.
ObjectMappersetAnnotationIntrospector(AnnotationIntrospector ai)
Method for changing AnnotationIntrospector used by this mapper instance for both serialization and deserialization
ObjectMappersetInjectableValues(InjectableValues injectableValues)
Method for configuring InjectableValues which used to find values to inject.
ObjectMappersetPropertyNamingStrategy(PropertyNamingStrategy s)
Method for setting custom property naming strategy to use.
ObjectMappersetSerializerProvider(DefaultSerializerProvider p)
Method for setting specific SerializerProvider to use for handling caching of JsonSerializer instances.
Factory method for constructing ObjectWriter that will serialize objects using the default pretty printer for indentation
StringwriteValueAsString(Object value)
Method that can be used to serialize any Java value as a String.