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List of usage examples for org.springframework.restdocs.snippet TemplatedSnippet subclass-usage


In this page you can find the example usage for org.springframework.restdocs.snippet TemplatedSnippet subclass-usage.


From source file capital.scalable.restdocs.misc.MethodAndPathSnippet.java

public class MethodAndPathSnippet extends TemplatedSnippet {

    public MethodAndPathSnippet() {
        super(METHOD_PATH, null);

From source file capital.scalable.restdocs.misc.AuthorizationSnippet.java

public class AuthorizationSnippet extends TemplatedSnippet implements SectionSupport {

    private final String defaultAuthorization;

    public AuthorizationSnippet(String defaultAuthorization) {
        super(AUTHORIZATION, null);

From source file capital.scalable.restdocs.misc.DescriptionSnippet.java

public class DescriptionSnippet extends TemplatedSnippet {

    public DescriptionSnippet() {
        super(DESCRIPTION, null);

From source file io.spring.initializr.web.test.ResponseFieldSnippet.java

 * Creates a separate snippet for a single field in a larger payload. The output
 * comes in a sub-directory ("response-fields") of one containing the request and
 * response snippets, with a file name the same as the path. An exception to the last
 * rule is if you pick a single array element by using a path like `foo.bar[0]`, the
 * snippet file name is then just the array name (because asciidoctor cannot import

From source file capital.scalable.restdocs.snippet.StandardTableSnippet.java

public abstract class StandardTableSnippet extends TemplatedSnippet {

    protected StandardTableSnippet(String snippetName, Map<String, Object> attributes) {
        super(snippetName, attributes);

From source file capital.scalable.restdocs.section.SectionSnippet.java

public class SectionSnippet extends TemplatedSnippet {

    private final RestDocumentationContextPlaceholderResolverFactory placeholderResolverFactory = new RestDocumentationContextPlaceholderResolverFactory();

    private final PropertyPlaceholderHelper propertyPlaceholderHelper = new PropertyPlaceholderHelper("{", "}");