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 * A private key.
 * The purpose of this interface is to group (and provide type safety
 * for) all private key interfaces.
 * <p>
 * Note: The specialized private key interfaces extend this interface.
 * See, for example, the {@code DSAPrivateKey} interface in
 * {@link}.
 * <p>
 * Implementations should override the default {@code destroy} and
 * {@code isDestroyed} methods from the
 * {@link} interface to enable
 * sensitive key information to be destroyed, cleared, or in the case
 * where such information is immutable, unreferenced.
 * Finally, since {@code PrivateKey} is {@code Serializable}, implementations
 * should also override
 * {@link}
 * to prevent keys that have been destroyed from being serialized.
 * @see Key
 * @see PublicKey
 * @see Certificate
 * @see Signature#initVerify
 * @see
 * @see
 * @see
 * @author Benjamin Renaud
 * @author Josh Bloch
 * @since 1.1

public interface PrivateKey extends Key, {

    // Declare serialVersionUID to be compatible with JDK1.1
     * The class fingerprint that is set to indicate serialization
     * compatibility with a previous version of the class.
     * @deprecated A {@code serialVersionUID} field in an interface is
     * ineffectual. Do not use; no replacement.
    static final long serialVersionUID = 6034044314589513430L;