Java 2D Graphics BufferedImage Convert

Java examples for 2D Graphics:BufferedImage Convert


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  1. Convert BufferedImage to byte array
  2. Convert byte array to BufferedImage
  3. Converts a ByteBuffer to a BufferedImage.
  4. Converts a BufferedImage to the specified type.
  5. Converts an array of depth values to a gray BufferedImage.
  6. Converts float values to an unsigned short BufferedImage.
  7. Converts an array of short values to BufferedImage with type TYPE_USHORT_GRAY based on the histogram.
  8. Convert IntBuffer to BufferedImage.

  9. Converts an AWT Image into a BufferedImage, with specific type.
  10. Converts an AWT Image into a grayscale BufferedImage.
  11. Image to Buffered Image
  12. Converts a byte Array to an BufferedImage
  13. Converts a rendered image to a BufferedImage .
  14. Converts an arbitrary image to a BufferedImage .
  15. A simple method to convert an image to binary or B/W image.
  16. Java's ImageIO can't process 4-component images and Java2D can't apply AffineTransformOp either, so convert raster data to RGB.

  17. convert BufferedImage To Gray
  18. convert Image To Gray Scale
  19. Converts an image to a PNG stored in a byte array.
  20. Convert an image into a buffered, compatible image
  21. Utility method to convert an AWT Image to a BufferedImage.
  22. BufferedImage Bitmap To String
  23. buffered Image To Byte Array
  24. buffered To jai PlanarImage
  25. Converting a Buffered Image to an Image
  26. convert Image To Buffered Image
  27. Converts an image to a BufferedImage.
  28. Convert an Image into a TYPE_INT_ARGB BufferedImage.
  29. Image to BufferedImage
  30. Save a BufferedImage to a Bitmap file.