Java 2D Graphics Color RGB

Java examples for 2D Graphics:Color RGB


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  1. How to create a custom color using red, green and blue (RGB) components
  2. Convert RGB To HSB Color
  3. Get Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) Components From Color
  4. Convert HSB To RGB Color
  5. Filtering the RGB Values in an Image
  6. Converting Between RGB and HSB Colors
  7. Brightening or Darkening an RGB Buffered Image
  8. HSV color value to RGB color value

  9. mask Color ARGB Transparency
  10. Color rgb To HSV Color
  11. Color rgb To Normal RGB Color
  12. Convert an RGB color value to a grayscale from 0 to 100.
  13. Gets whether or not the given rgb values are closer in distance to black than white.
  14. Converts a scalar normalized to de range [0:1] into a long rainbow of rgba values.
  15. Converts a scalar normalized to de range [0:1] into a short rainbow of rgba values.
  16. Composes two colors with the ARGB format

  17. make RGB Light Value
  18. hex to RGBA color, support "RGB, RGBA".
  19. Color to ARGB
  20. Color to RGBA
  21. Convert a HSV color value to RGB colorspace.
  22. Returns the blue component in the range 0-255 in the default sRGB space.
  23. Returns the green component in the range 0-255 in the default sRGB space.
  24. Returns the red component in the range 0-255 in the default sRGB space.
  25. blend RGB Colors
  26. Get the alpha value of a 32-bit ARGB color
  27. Get 32 bit ARGB value based ints representing r,g, b, and a each in range (0-255)
  28. Transform color c into a 32 bit ARGB value
  29. Get the RGB colors from a RGB color value and store into an array (ignores alpha)
  30. Get the color from a ARGB color value
  31. Get the 32 bit grayscale ARGB value of gray (0-255)
  32. Get the 32 bit grayscale rgb value of gray (0-255) ignoring alpha
  33. Get 32 bit rgb value (ignoring alpha) based ints representing r,g and b each in range (0-255)
  34. get RGBA Color
  35. Returns a java.awt.Color by reading the RGB values from a hexadecimal string of format #RRGGBB
  36. color To RGB
  37. rgb To Color
  38. Return a greyscale rgb value 0-FF using NTSC color luminance algorithm the alpha component is set to 0xFF.
  39. Converts a colour to hex rgb notation.
  40. When you have RGB input but need a gray result.
  41. Convert a color to an RGBA value.
  42. Convert a color to an RGB value.
  43. Convert an RGB (or RGBA) value back to a Color .
  44. Computes "middle" color in terms of rgb color space.
  45. Get hex from RGB
  46. Get HSB Color from RGB
  47. hsv To Rgb
  48. Color from RGB
  49. hex To Rgb
  50. Converts a HSV array back to an RGB array.
  51. Converts an RGB array to an HSV array
  52. Creates a String that represents the supplied color as a hex-value RGB triplet, including the "#".
  53. Gets the complementary color to a given rgb set.
  54. get Blue From RGB
  55. HSB Color to RGB
  56. Creates a new Color with RGB from color and the alpha value of alpha
  57. Inverts a color (for each i in RGB, changes i to 255-i).
  58. Calculates the Manhattan distance of two colors in the RGB color space (a value in range 0-(255*3)).
  59. Return ARGB values in int array
  60. Returns the ARGB color with inverted alpha channel.
  61. Returns the opacity component of the ARGB color as a decimal format.
  62. Returns the RGB equivalent of a given HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) color.
  63. hue RGB
  64. Returns the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) equivalent of a given RGB color.
  65. Converts a color's RGB presentation to a textual hexadecimal representation.
  66. convert RGB Color to YUV
  67. get Color RGB
  68. Converts the color index B-V to RGB model.
  69. Converts an HSL color value to RGB.
  70. Converts an RGB color value to HSL.
  71. get Green From RGB
  72. get Alpha From RGB
  73. get Red From RGB
  74. get RGB Int
  75. Returns the RGBA equivalence for named colors
  76. Returns a copy of the rgb colour brightened up by the given amount.
  77. Converts the specified rgb values to a hexadecimal representation.
  78. get Blue from int value Color
  79. get Green from int value Color
  80. get Red from int value Color
  81. Returns the blue channel of the color
  82. Get the gray value by taking the average R, G and B values grey = (red + green + blue)/3
  83. Get the gray value using the luminance(brightness) formula intensity = 0.2989*red + 0.5870*green + 0.1140*blue
  84. Returns a CSS friendly color in #RRGGBB format, where RR, GG, and BB are the red, green, and blue values of the color in hex.
  85. Get blue from hex Color
  86. Extracts the blue component from color .
  87. Decodes a color of the form #hhhhhhhh or #hhhhhh, (for example, #39F80D8C, or #9A67E9), where each two digit hexadecimal part is the red, green, blue, and alpha, respectively.
  88. get Blue from int color
  89. Computes a 20-bit lighting word, containing red, green, blue, and brightness settings.
  90. Retrieving a Predefined Color by Name
  91. Converts a scalar normalized to de range [0:1] into a yellow to red map.
  92. Returns the red channel of the color
  93. Creates a new Paint that is a checkered effect using the colors Color#GRAY gray and Color#WHITE .
  94. Extracts the red component from color .
  95. Convert pixels from java default ABGR int format to byte array in ARGB format.
  96. Convert pixels from java default ARGB int format to byte array in ABGR format.
  97. Re-conversion of the human readable RGB representation back to a Color : if the given text matches the expected pattern 'rgb(X, X, X)', the represented Color will be returned, if the given text equals 'none', null will be returned, otherwise the provided defaultValue will be returned.
  98. parse RGB Color
  99. filter RGB
  100. YUV to RGB
  101. Gets the intensity of a given rgb 0xFF is to get the last bit blue value
  102. Derives a color from another color by linearly shifting its blue, green, and blue values.
  103. Brightens each of the RGB components of color by the specified factor.