Java 2D Graphics Font

Java examples for 2D Graphics:Font


Click the following links for the tutorial for 2D Graphics and Font.

  1. Creates Font
  2. FontMetrics and Graphics methods useful for obtaining font metrics.
  3. Change Font and get FontMetrics
  4. Java Choose Font with Font Selector
  5. Create Italic Font
  6. Get Available Font Objects
  7. Create Font Object
  8. Create Bold and Italic Font

  9. Create Bold Font
  10. Get Available Font Family Names
  11. Get Font Information
  12. Listing All Available Font Families
  13. Getting the Font Faces for a Font Family
  14. A Swing Program That Plays With Fonts
  15. Using the NumericShaper.Range enumeration to support the display of digits
  16. set Font For AWT Component

  17. Loads a font from the resource directory.
  18. get Font Height
  19. get Font Width
  20. get Centering Start Point
  21. get Centering Start X
  22. get Centering Start Y
  23. generate LCD-like formatted number
  24. get Font Advance
  25. Gets kerning offset for two characters of the font
  26. get Font File
  27. Gets all kerning pairs of a Font.
  28. get Font Kerning Pairs One Char
  29. get Font Render Context
  30. Gets all available fonts in the system
  31. Returns Font which represents the same font, but with size size .
  32. get Actual Font Size
  33. Scale the original font of a JComponent by a given factor
  34. scale Font
  35. import Font
  36. Returns the string width for a given Font and string.
  37. Creates (in a rather clumsy way) the font metrics for a given Font .
  38. Given a character and its font, calculate the center point offset for that character.
  39. set Font Name
  40. set Font Size
  41. set Font Style
  42. Turns the font of given JComponent into bold
  43. Returns the FontMetrics for the specified Font.
  44. Try to guess physical font from the properties of a logical font, like "Dialog", "Serif", "Monospaced" etc.
  45. is Logical Font Family
  46. available Fonts Map
  47. set UI Font
  48. get Frame Font
  49. Sets the default Font for the current UIManager