Java 2D Graphics Rectangle

Java examples for 2D Graphics:Rectangle


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  1. The Rectangle Class
  2. Drawing lines, rectangles and ovals.
  3. Draw 3D Rectangle and Square
  4. Draw Rounded Corner Rectangle and Square
  5. Fill Rectangle & Square
  6. Returns the dimensions of the smallest rectangle that could contain the supplied points.
  7. expand Rectangle2D
  8. Get Rectangle2D low left corner

  9. get Rectangle2D low right corner
  10. Rectangle2D From Center Point
  11. get Rectangle2D upper left corner
  12. get Rectangle2D upper right corner
  13. Calculates a rectangle into two points, where as the points are handled as the diagonal vector.
  14. center In Rectangle
  15. fit Rectangle to another Rectangle
  16. scale Rectangle

  17. Rectangle r1 is below Rectangle r2
  18. Rectangle r1 is on the left of Rectangle r2
  19. Rectangle r1 is on the right of Rectangle r2
  20. Rectangle r1 is above Rectangle r2
  21. Returns true if both rectangles are in the same column, taking into account the margin
  22. Returns true if both rectangles are in the same row, taking into account the margin
  23. Get Rectangle corners
  24. quarter Rectangle
  25. split Rectangle Horizontally
  26. split Rectangle Vertically
  27. create Centered Rectangle
  28. get Point from Rectangle
  29. grow Rectangle
  30. inset Rectangle
  31. set Rectangle Bounds
  32. to Awt Rectangle
  33. generate Centered Rectangle
  34. generate Rectangle2D
  35. intercept Line And RectangularShape
  36. Combine these two rectangles into one rectangle that encompasses both
  37. Return a rectangle that encapsulates all rectangles in the Vector.
  38. Do these two rectangles overlap
  39. Do these two rectangles overlap horizontally?
  40. Do these two rectangles overlap vertically?
  41. Checks if rectangle r1 is inside rectangle r2
  42. Check if a specified point is inside a specified rectangle.
  43. Check if a specified polyline intersects a specified rectangle.
  44. Checks if point px,py is within the bounds of the rectangle
  45. are Rectangle Equal
  46. compact Rectangle2D
  47. expand Rectangle
  48. expand Rectangle 2D
  49. get Rectangle Bottom Center
  50. get Rectangle2D Center 2D
  51. get Rectangle Center
  52. get Rectangle Left Center
  53. get Rectangle Right Center
  54. get Rectangle Top Center
  55. round Rectangle2D to RoundRectangle2D
  56. Convert Rectangle2D to Rectangle
  57. union Rectangle array
  58. Scales the given rectangle by the given scale factor.
  59. This returns the "local" bounds of a component.
  60. get Scaled Rectangle Dimensions
  61. do Fit Rectangle2D
  62. nearly Equals Rectangle2D
  63. snug Fit Rectangle2D
  64. Rectangle intersects
  65. get Rounded Rectangle
  66. get Rectangle Centering Point
  67. draw D Rect
  68. draw Rect
  69. fill 3D Rectangle
  70. fill Gradient Rectangle
  71. fill Rectangle
  72. draw Rectangle
  73. draw Rect with OpenGL
  74. draw Plain Rect
  75. draw Round Rect
  76. fill Rect
  77. draw Rounded Rect opengl
  78. gradient Fill Rect
  79. Returns the point at which to draw a string so that it appears aligned within a given rectangle.
  80. get Rectangle
  81. Returns the x,y coordinates of the end point of line starting at startx, starty in the direction of the given heading and of the given length.
  82. creates a square beginning at x,y and tilted in the direction of the angle.
  83. darken Rectangle
  84. draws a line starting at x,y, and going in the direction of the angle
  85. fill Transparent Bordered Selection Rectangle
  86. fill Transparent Selection Rectangle
  87. fix Rectangle
  88. shade Rectangle
  89. Draws a 3D rectangle in the specified location with the given line thickness.
  90. Draws an oval in the specified bounding rectangle with the specified pen thickness.
  91. Draws a rectangle at the specified location with the supplied pen thickness.
  92. Draws a rounded rectangle at the specified location with the supplied pen thickness.
  93. Makes a solid 3D rectangle in the given color.
  94. Calls g.fillRect(left, top, width, height) after setting the color appropriately.
  95. Draws a solid rounded rectangle with the specified color.
  96. get Line Rectangle Intersection
  97. draw Round Rect Fade
  98. get Clip Rectangle
  99. Returns true if the first rectangle completely contains the second one.
  100. Returns true if the two specified rectangles intersect.
  101. Draw a focus rectangle on a graphics context.
  102. Create an affine transform given two rectangles. Or, alternatively, two points in the old basis and two corresponding points in the new one.
  103. fill Blurred Border Rect
  104. fill Blurred Glitch Rect
  105. fill Gradient Rect
  106. is Rectangle Displayable On Screen
  107. Clip the specified line to the given rectangle
  108. Draws a single-line highlight border rectangle.
  109. round Filled Rectangle
  110. round Rectangle
  111. Returns the point at which to draw a string so that it appears center-aligned within a given rectangle.
  112. Draws a 3d frame around the designated rectangle.
  113. Draws a 3d hightlight frame around the designated rectangle.
  114. grow Rectangle2D
  115. Indicates whether r1 is nearest to r2 in the clockwise (>0) or anti-clockwise (<0) direction.
  116. move Rectangle To Fit