Java Collection Framework Array Algorithm

Java examples for Collection Framework:Array Algorithm


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  1. get Max from double array
  2. get Min from double array
  3. Returns a sorted array from the maximum to the minimum value.
  4. Returns a sorted array from the minimum to the maximum value.
  5. Compute the variance of double array.
  6. Computes the mean value for double array
  7. Computes the (linear) correlation between two arrays.
  8. Computes the covariance for double array.

  9. Computes the median of an array.
  10. Computes the scalar product of two array as if they were vectors.
  11. Computes the (bias-corrected sample) standard deviation of an array.
  12. Computes the (bias-corrected sample) variance.
  13. maximum value in two dimensional array
  14. minimum value in two dimensional array
  15. Returns the sum of the elements of the array.
  16. Returns the maximum of an array.

  17. returns the index of the greatest element from the given array
  18. Returns the minimum of an array.
  19. Inverts an array from left to right.
  20. Sums all array components then puts to power n.
  21. Multiplies every component of an array by a scalar.
  22. Fast scalar multiplication for sparse arrays.
  23. Subtracts the two arrays together (component wise)
  24. Sums the squares of all components; also called the energy of the array.
  25. multiply Array By Const
  26. Binds two linear arrays, producing a 2D array.
  27. Computes array-wise XOR.
  28. Adds up the values in the two arrays of integers element-wise.
  29. Divides the values in the two arrays of integers element-wise.
  30. Calculate Exponentiation for all values in an array of doubles by a given exponent.
  31. Multiplies an array of doubles and an array of integers element-wise.
  32. Subtracts the values in the two arrays of integers element-wise.
  33. Computes the sum of an array of doubles.
  34. Perform a linear search for an integer in a given array.
  35. is Subset between two int array
  36. Method to calculate mean of an array
  37. Method to calculate sum of an array
  38. Returns the sum of all the elements in the array
  39. Sums an array recursively.
  40. Returns true if the array is in increasing order
  41. Calculates max absolute value in short type array.
  42. Multiplies the array by a constant factor in place.
  43. Normalizes the input array to double values between -1.0 and 1.0.
  44. sum array with offset index
  45. Converts the input array to dB (10*log10())
  46. Calculates the power in a sample as sum of the squares of the absolute values of all samples.
  47. Adds each value of the first array with the corresponding value of the second one.