Java Collection Framework Array Auto Increment

Java examples for Collection Framework:Array Auto Increment


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  1. Expand an array by adding one element to the end.
  2. add Item To array
  3. Adds the values from the second array to the first, reusing the first array if possible The result will be expanded to fit the maximum number of array elements in either array
  4. It takes an Array and add the specified element to the end of the it
  5. Determines whether a specified word has already been added to the array.
  6. add Array To Array List
  7. add Array List To Array List
  8. Adds the object to the array.

  9. Add an element to an array.
  10. append item to array
  11. Helper function to append an Object to an array and return the new array.
  12. Appends an element to array.
  13. Append one object to an array
  14. remove Array Item
  15. remove Item From Array
  16. remove Duplicates from ArrayList of Long

  17. It takes an Array and inserts an element to the specified index
  18. It takes an Array and removes an element at the specified index
  19. It takes an Array removes all of its elements that equals with element parameter
  20. Remove element element with index on array
  21. Remove an element from an array.
  22. Removes the items array elements from the end of the array.
  23. append element to an array
  24. Adds a padding to the given array, such that a new array with the given length is generated.
  25. Splits the given array into blocks of given size and adds padding to the last one, if necessary.
  26. Append the given String to the given String array, returning a new array consisting of the input array contents plus the given String.