Java Collection Framework Array Convert

Java examples for Collection Framework:Array Convert


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  1. Convert Array as List
  2. Convert Array as Set
  3. Convert variable length array to list
  4. Convert array as Collection
  5. Converts a collection to a primitive array of a given type.
  6. Converts collection to a string array by calling toString on each member.
  7. Converts collection to array of strings
  8. Converts a list to a new copy of array based on the start index and end index.

  9. Convert List<Integer> to Array int[]
  10. Convert object List To Object ArrayList
  11. Convert Collection to ArrayList
  12. Convert double array to Float Array
  13. Convert any array To List
  14. Convert set to Array
  15. Convert list to Array
  16. Convert Object Array to Set

  17. convert Collection<String> to String[] array
  18. Convert a String to a char array
  19. to Primitive Bool Array
  20. to Primitive Double Array
  21. to Primitive Float Array
  22. to Primitive Int Array
  23. to Primitive Long Array
  24. Convert variable length array to Vector
  25. Convert various data structure as Array
  26. Convert array and Iterator as List
  27. Method to convert a Set Collection to a Array Collection
  28. Method to convert an array to a Object array.
  29. Method to convert a Array Collection of int to a Array Collection of Integer.
  30. Method to convert a Array Collection of Integer to a Array Collection of int.
  31. Convert the supplied array into a List.
  32. Converts a typed Collection to a typed array.
  33. convert to ArrayList
  34. Convert integer array to String
  35. Converts a list(separated with a space) to array
  36. Converts a 4x4 2D byte array to a concatenated linear byte array
  37. Takes a linear array of size 16 and converts it into a 4x4 state array
  38. Convert String as Bin byte array
  39. Convert byte array to float
  40. Convert float To Byte array
  41. Convert a byte array to a Pascal string.
  42. This function converts an one-dimensional array of bytes into a one-dimensional array of type short
  43. This function converts an one-dimensional array of bytes into a one-dimensional array of int
  44. This function converts an array of type int into an array of type byte
  45. Convert a space-separated string into an array of strings.
  46. Convert a List into an Object array with null check.
  47. This method converts a Boolean array to a primitive one
  48. Convert value array to Double array
  49. Converts an array to string array.
  50. Converts to primitive array.
  51. Converts to object array.
  52. Convert String array to String list
  53. Convert list of arrays of objects to array of arrays of objects.
  54. convert Primitive Array To Object Array
  55. Convert array to String
  56. Convert String to Ascii Bytes array