Java Collection Framework Array Element

Java examples for Collection Framework:Array Element


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  1. Create LinkedList from array
  2. get Array from Object
  3. Reverses the array in place.
  4. A comprehensive isEqual method that handles nulls and arrays safely.
  5. split array of long values into list of long[]
  6. Marshal the elements from the given enumeration into an array of the given type.
  7. Reverses the order of the given array.
  8. Checks if the specified collection/array/iterator is empty.

  9. Drops enough strings from the first array to fill the second one beginning with the first object.
  10. Drops enough strings from the first array to fill the second one beginning with the last object.
  11. trim All String element in an array
  12. Calculate hash Code of int array
  13. Make copy Of an Array
  14. create Vector from array
  15. Adds the passed new values to the end of the passed array.
  16. Trims the String content on an array of String.

  17. Tokenize the given String into a String array via a StringTokenizer.
  18. append element to enlarged array
  19. get First Name And Last Name Array From Full Name
  20. print Array
  21. rotate Array
  22. intersection two array
  23. swap two array element
  24. Joins a string array based on the delimiter
  25. Generic method to check if an array contains an element
  26. add Element To End Of Array
  27. get Sorted Value Array from SortedMap
  28. Checks an array on null value.
  29. This method adds a String to a String[] excluding all duplicates.
  30. Checks if an array of Object Array is empty or null .
  31. Returns stripped value from the specified array of stuff
  32. Shuffle an array of type T
  33. Find the first element in the array that matches the predicate.
  34. converse Array
  35. replace value in Array
  36. is Type an Array Or Collection
  37. are two char array Equivalent
  38. Returns the largest group of anagrams in the input array of words, in no particular order.
  39. This method returns the largest group of anagrams in the input array of words, in no particular order.
  40. get Char array from a file
  41. is Empty Array
  42. Compare two short arrays.
  43. Returns the argument, cast to type T[] in an unsafe way.
  44. Pop the last element off the array.
  45. Determine if an Object array is null or empty.
  46. Helper function to prepend an Object to an array and return the new array.
  47. Renormalizes the array so that its L2 norm is 1 (up to computational errors).
  48. Gives the percentile of an array
  49. Generates an array going for a to b with steps of size step.
  50. Swap two elements of an array given their indices.
  51. Takes the absolute value of each component of an array.
  52. Adds to an array w, a times v where a is a scalar.
  53. sum of array elements
  54. Finds the first occurrence of an element in an array.
  55. Joins arrays.
  56. Compares the two boolean arrays deeply
  57. See if two array slices are the same.
  58. Tells whether an element is present in an array.
  59. Generates a char array composed of just n consecutive occurrences of char c.
  60. is boolean array All False
  61. is object an Array
  62. Generic method to check if an array is Empty
  63. is array Not Empty
  64. Generic method to concatenate two array
  65. Combine the contents of two arrays and return the result.
  66. connect Object Arrays
  67. Convenience wrapper for System.arraycopy().
  68. Returns a duplicates of an array.
  69. Fills part of the array with a value.
  70. Compares the two specified arrays.
  71. Returns a suitable hash code for the specified array.
  72. Creates an array with a single object as component.
  73. Returns an object array by wrapping primitive types.
  74. Returns a primitive array by unwrapping the corresponding types.
  75. Returns a copy of the specified array.
  76. returns the maximum subarray (contiguous elements) in an array
  77. Array equals 2D
  78. Returns the index of an element in a given array.
  79. shift element in ArrayList
  80. orders three entries of an ArrayList at their specified indices assumes left <= mid <= right
  81. swaps two entries of an ArrayList
  82. Build an ArrayList of Integer from and array of int.
  83. finds the index of the smallest entry in a continuous span of ArrayList entries
  84. Creates a mapping from two arrays, one with keys, one with values.
  85. get Random Array