Java Collection Framework List

Java examples for Collection Framework:List


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  1. Working with Dynamic Arrays
  2. Remove the item from List by value
  3. Check element for existance for List
  4. Collection interface demonstrated via an ArrayList object.
  5. Lists, LinkedLists and ListIterators.
  6. Loop through list reversely
  7. Viewing arrays as Lists and converting Lists to arrays.
  8. List Class Quiz

  9. Quiz for java.util.List, contains method
  10. Java Print out the elements in List using for-each
  11. Java Print out the elements in List using JDK 8 Streams
  12. Convert String Array To List
  13. Create List from Object Array
  14. Creating a Type-Specific List with generic List
  15. Shuffling the Elements of a List or Array
  16. Creating a Type-specific Collection Using Generics

  17. Update objects stored in List by reference
  18. Create unmodifiable List
  19. union Of List Of Lists
  20. T[] array to List<T>
  21. Method will determine if all elements in the input ArrayList are all unique
  22. Determine the union of two ArrayList
  23. get Average of Long List
  24. get Total of Long value List
  25. move Object Down in a List
  26. move Object Up in the List
  27. list All Combinations
  28. reverse List
  29. equals Lists
  30. concat Lists
  31. List intersection
  32. List subtract
  33. List union
  34. Combines the elements of various lists into one list.
  35. Returns the last element of a list.
  36. Creates a list by taking an input list and adding elements to the list.
  37. Creates a list that contains all elements of argument elements repeated amount times.
  38. file To List
  39. merge Lists And Remove Duplicates
  40. serialize List
  41. unserialize List