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  1. Invalidates, validates and repaint a component.
  2. Use this static method if you want to center a component over another component.
  3. Recursively enables or disables all the AWT components contained in the containers of components.
  4. get All Components from AWT Container
  5. align Components Base Horizontal
  6. get Components from Container
  7. align Components
  8. center Component

  9. overlap Components
  10. get Component Parent
  11. convert Point from on Component to Another Component
  12. convert Rectangle from on Component to Another Component
  13. Disables the forward and backward focus traversal keys on the given component.
  14. enable Components
  15. get Component Top level Ancestor
  16. Adds a MouseListener to the component specified that will show the JPopupMenu specified (at the position that the mouse was clicked) when the mouse is right-clicked, or whatever mouse event returns true from the MouseEvent#isPopupTrigger() method.

  17. force Component Repaint
  18. disable Components inside java.awt.Container
  19. Swing component Is In Container
  20. Enables undo/redo functionality for a Swing component.
  21. get Swing Component Dimension by text
  22. set Swing Component Dimension
  23. print Component
  24. Returns the parent window for the given AWT Component.
  25. The nearest component from a point in a container.
  26. Returns the distance between point p in cont and comp a descendant of cont.
  27. Center Component on screen
  28. Gets all child components that are, or derive from, the given class.
  29. Positions the child Component in the center of the parent
  30. Center the specified component on the screen.