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  1. Class has Annotation
  2. find Annotation for Class
  3. get Annotation from Class
  4. Check if class has Annotation
  5. get Class Annotation
  6. get Annotation from annotated class
  7. find Annotated Classes from jar file
  8. is Annotation Exists on Class

  9. check Candidate class for annotation
  10. Creates an annotation from an annotation class for enterprise annotation.
  11. find Annotated Classes
  12. Returns the an Annotation instance giving its class.
  13. find Annotation on Class
  14. find Annotation in a Class
  15. Return the provided Class' annotation for the specified type if such an annotation is present, else null.
  16. find Class Annotation Declared With

  17. find Annotation from a class by Annotation Type
  18. Resolve the annotation's class.
  19. find Annotation Declaring Class
  20. Returns the annotation on the given class or the package of the class.
  21. get List Of Class Level Annotation From Class
  22. Determine whether an annotation for the specified annotation Type is present on the supplied clazz and is java.lang.annotation.Inherited inherited i.e., not declared locally for the class).
  23. Checks the class to have the given annotation.
  24. find Annotation from Class
  25. For the given Class get a collection of the the AnnotatedElement s that match the given annotations or if no annotations are specified then return all of the annotated elements of the given Class.
  26. Find the specified (meta-) annotation of given class.
  27. Determine whether a class hierarchy is annotated with a specific annotation.
  28. Extract the set of java interfaces from the class hierarchy of the bean provided that match the annotation provided.
  29. Look through class hierarchy for Annotation.
  30. Gets annotation on a given Class, takes into account class hierarchy.
  31. Check to see if annotation is present on a given Class, take into account class hierarchy.
  32. Finds all classes within a package which are annotated with certain annotation.
  33. filter annotations by given class.
  34. Find a single java.lang.annotation.Annotation of annotation Type from the supplied Class , traversing its interfaces and superclasses if no annotation can be found on the given class itself.
  35. Returns true if any of the supplied annotations is present on the target class or any of its super classes.
  36. Returns true if the supplied annotation is present on the target class or any of its super classes.
  37. Returns true if any annotation in parameter Annotations matches annotation Class.
  38. Returns the annotation of the annotationClass of the clazz or any of it super classes.
  39. Call to get an annotation that is expected on the given class, throwing a runtime exception if not found.
  40. find Class Annotation