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  1. If a string contains a char
  2. remove Non Digits
  3. is Not Blank Ascii
  4. Checks if the input is a valid Java identifier
  5. Converts an integer to alphabetical form (base26)
  6. Checks whether the character is ASCII 7 bit numeric.
  7. Removes all non-alphanumeric characters from the given String.
  8. Takes a name and returns the same if it is a Java identifier; else it substitutes the illegal characters so that it can be an identifier

  9. Sanitize a String so that it can be used as a Java identifier.
  10. is Braille Character
  11. count Char in a String
  12. Convert String to Character
  13. Check whether the supplied character is a Hexadecimal character.
  14. is Hexadecimal Digit
  15. is Octal Digit
  16. Returns a String of 1's and 0's of length 8 that represents the binary representation of the character.

  17. is char Consonant
  18. is char Vowel
  19. is character ASCII Letter
  20. Attempts to determine if a character is a legal alphabetic, digit, or special character.
  21. Determines if the provided character is a special character, that is to say it belongs to the following set: /*!@#$%^&*()\"{}_[]|\\?/<>,.
  22. is Connector Character
  23. is char English Letter
  24. is New Line Character
  25. printing characters using only ascii characters. Non-ascii characters as their hexadecimal integer value, and prefixed with "&#92;u".
  26. Java's built-in String.trim() method trims leading and trailing whitespace, but only looks for whitespace characters within ASCII ranges.
  27. is letter Whitespace
  28. is ISO Control Letter
  29. is Whitespace Letter
  30. is Chinese
  31. is Symbol
  32. is Space Letter
  33. Checks if a string of text is fully valid.
  34. limit String length with BreakIterator
  35. get Syllables From Word
  36. get Word Syllables From Line
  37. This function assumes it's being passed a vowel cluster and return true iff the cluster typically has more than one syllable.
  38. get Syllable Count From Line
  39. Groups the word into alternating vowel and consonant clusters.
  40. Return the singular string if the value is ONE, or the plural one.
  41. The syllable count of the word is just the number of items returned from the function that parses the word into syllables.
  42. Returns the first word for the given long Name.
  43. is Decorated Letter
  44. undecorate Letter
  45. hex Char To Int
  46. is Vowel Character