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  1. Format an amount of money in double.
  2. Use comma Separator to format a number
  3. convert double To String and round up
  4. to Decimal Format String as 0.###
  5. Format double to percentage
  6. Expecting strings like "2 1/2". compute to total amount compounding all the components (splitting the original string on the blank space)
  7. Expecting strings like "1/2" or "2/3" etc. this method provides a double type representing the input string as a number
  8. parse String To Double

  9. validate input string as double value
  10. get Formatted Amount in K or M
  11. get Distance Format
  12. format double value as String
  13. Zero pad the decimal part of the argument until it reach the specified scale and then zero pad the integer part until the whole resulting string reach the specified total Length.
  14. format Percent value
  15. format Double
  16. format double value as US Locale

  17. Format to Double Decimal
  18. Format to Double Digit
  19. format double value as Currency
  20. format int As Currency
  21. get USD Currency Format
  22. This method is to convert a cent to dollar amount given String as input
  23. This method is used to convert a dollar amount to cents given double as input
  24. This method is used to convert a dollar amount to cents given String as input and returns a long value
  25. Returns the decimal formatter, which has a number of decimals.
  26. Returns a thousands separated decimal formatter.
  27. Creates a new DecimalFormat using dot as a separator so local decimal separators do not matter
  28. get Decimal Formatted
  29. current Format Four decimal
  30. is String Decimal
  31. Attempts to determine equality between any subclasses of number.
  32. Formats a double to produce a string with a number of fraction digits.
  33. Tell whether a double string is in valid format, according with a number of fraction digits.
  34. double decimal format
  35. Keep two decimal in double format
  36. Format the given double with four digits precision, but leave it without a decimal point.
  37. Returns a formatted Double value given a specific DecimalFormat If more than 4 integer, then we display the value in scientific notation
  38. This returns a formatted string that shows the number based on the locale turns 1000 into 1,000
  39. Parse a money amount, ignoring $'s and thousand-separating commas.
  40. Parse a number, ignoring thousand-separating commas.
  41. Convert a double value into a string with the maximal allowed length
  42. double format Scientific
  43. format Double Percent
  44. Format number to given decimal places (to)
  45. Format number to given decimal places (from)
  46. Format number to given decimal places (from-to)
  47. format Double as Billion, Million, Thousand
  48. Formats a number in a specified pattern.
  49. Sets the specified Insets as margins for the given PageFormat instance.
  50. round To Decimals