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  1. Convert Stack Trace in Throwable to String
  2. retrieve the full stacktrace from a given exception
  3. Throwable to String
  4. log Error from Throwable
  5. Checks whether the supplied Throwable is one that needs to be re-thrown and swallows all others.
  6. Sleep for seconds seconds, without the exceptions
  7. Returns wrapped runnable that ensures that if an exception occurs during the execution, the specified exception handler is invoked.
  8. will throw a RuntimeException when assertions are not enabled

  9. Takes stacktrace string out of exception.
  10. get Stack Trace String
  11. get Current Thread Stack Trace
  12. Get current running class name
  13. Tests whether the specified Throwable is a checked exception.
  14. Checks if a concurrent map contains a key and creates a corresponding value if not, suppressing checked exceptions.
  15. Inspects the cause of the specified ExecutionException and creates a ConcurrentException with the checked cause if necessary.
  16. Inspects the cause of the specified ExecutionException and creates a ConcurrentRuntimeException with the checked cause if necessary.

  17. Function used to get the error trace from the exception object
  18. Closes the connection and print the stack-trace if there is any exception.
  19. get Current Line Number
  20. get Current Class Name
  21. get Current Method Name
  22. find Class Name from Throwable
  23. find Line Number from Throwable
  24. find Method from Throwable
  25. find Stack Trace from Throwable