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  1. Convert degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.
  3. Convert inch to millimeter.
  4. Convert pressure as inch to millibar.
  5. Convert pressure as millibar to inch Hg.
  6. Convert millimeter to inch.
  7. Convert velocity miles/hour to meter/second.
  8. Convert velocity meter/second to miles/hour.

  9. Converts a 2x2 matrix of nibbles to a 16-bit short.
  10. Converts a 16-bits into a 2x2 matrix f nibbles column wise.
  11. Convert Centimeters to Inches.
  12. calculate Pounds from Kilogram
  13. converts a given String containing an integer value to a boolean value, e.g.: 0 -> false, !=0 -> true
  14. converts a string to an int if the given String is not convertible -> return defaultValue
  15. converts a given comma separated String into a list of Strings
  16. convert a temperature value from one scale to another

  17. convert from one unit of barometric pressure to another
  18. convert From Celsius To Fahrenheit
  19. convert From Celsius To Kelvin
  20. convert From Fahrenheit To Celsius
  21. convert From Fahrenheit To Kelvin
  22. convert From Hg Inch To Hpa
  23. convert From Hpa To Hg Inch
  24. convert From Inch To Millimeter
  25. convert From Kelvin To Celsius
  26. convert From Kelvin To Fahrenheit
  27. convert From Kph To Mph
  28. convert From Millimeter To Inch
  29. convert From Mph To Kph
  30. convert from one unit of length to another
  31. convert a speed measurement from one scale to another
  32. Converts the weight value from kilogram to pounds (lbs).
  33. Converts the length value from feet to meter.
  34. Converts the length value from kilometers to miles.
  35. Converts the weight value from pounds (lbs) to kilogram.
  36. Converts the length value from meter to feet.
  37. Converts the speed value from m/s to km/h.
  38. Converts the length value from miles to kilometers.
  39. Converts the position value from semi circles to degrees.
  40. Converts an array of integer values into a cumulative histogram.
  41. meters To Feet
  42. meters To Miles
  43. meters To Pretty Distance
  44. Translate inches to feets.
  45. Translate feets to inches.
  46. Translate meters to fathoms.
  47. Convert energy from db scale to linear scale.
  48. centimetres To Foot
  49. centimetres To Kilometres
  50. centimetres To Metres
  51. centimetres To Mile
  52. centimetres To Millimetres
  53. foot To Centimetre
  54. foot To Inch
  55. foot To Kilometre
  56. foot To Metre
  57. foot To Mile
  58. foot To Millimetre
  59. foot To Yard
  60. kilometre To Centimetre
  61. kilometre To Foot
  62. kilometre To Metre
  63. kilometre To Mile
  64. kilometre To Millimetre
  65. metres To Centimetres
  66. metres To Foot
  67. metres To Kilometres
  68. metres To Miles
  69. metres To Millimetre
  70. mile To Centimetre
  71. mile To Foot
  72. mile To Inch
  73. mile To Kilometre
  74. mile To Metre
  75. mile To Millimetre
  76. mile To Yard
  77. millimetres To Centimetres
  78. millimetres To Foot
  79. millimetres To Kilometres
  80. millimetres To Metres
  81. millimetres To Mile
  82. convert Latitude To Meters
  83. convert Latitude To Pixel
  84. convert longitude To Meters
  85. convert longitude To Pixel
  86. convert Meters To Latitude
  87. convert Meters To longitude
  88. convert Meters To Pixels
  89. convert Pixels To Meters
  90. convert Pixel To Latitude
  91. convert Pixel To longitude
  92. Converts kilometers per hour to meters per second
  93. Converts knots to kilometers per hour
  94. Converts miles per hour to kilometers per hour
  95. kelvin To Celsius
  96. Kelvin To Fahrenheit
  97. get Temperature By Longitude
  98. get Temperature By Longitude Rev