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  1. clockwise Bisect
  2. clockwise Rotation
  3. counter clockwise Rotation
  4. dms To Degrees
  5. format Degree To Dms
  6. format Degree To Hms
  7. hms To Degree
  8. get Angular Difference

  9. subtract 180 Difference
  10. Returns the vertical sharing value If the value returned is negative, then the widgets are not in the same column
  11. quadratic Out Ease animation value
  12. The opposite transformation of compass to cartesian.
  13. Converts a compass heading (0-360 degrees, 0 north) to a cartesian angle (0-360, 0 along x-axis).
  14. Converts an angle (in degrees, assuming 0 degrees is straight up, and clockwise is an increase in angle, and positive X is right) to an X location point.
  15. converts cartesian coordinates (positive Y is down, positive X is right) into an angle in degrees (0 degrees is up, clockwise is positive).
  16. Method for checking if two points are in sight of each other.

  17. Compute the x and y configured norms of all other points from the data points at time step t.
  18. get Earth Radius For Latitude
  19. get a hash that represents coords of the tile in google aerial
  20. get Intersection Point
  21. cubic Newton
  22. Recursively fixes the given angle to be within 0 -> 2*PI radians
  23. get Closer Point
  24. Calculate the surface bitangent for the three supplied vertices and coordinates and store the result in dest.
  25. Calculate the surface tangent and bitangent for the three supplied vertices and coordinates and store the result in dest.
  26. Calculate the surface tangent for the three supplied vertices and coordinates and store the result in dest.
  27. Find the angle between three points.
  28. Create the geometry of an arrow.
  29. Return the geometry of an ellipse based on its four top points.
  30. Calculates center of the arc.
  31. rotate Point
  32. Compute the difference between two angles.
  33. Sum of two angles.
  34. Calculate the normal of a surface defined by points v1, v2 and v3 and store it in dest.
  35. Rotate angle by PI radians.
  36. Modify the object by applying the given transform.
  37. intersects Area
  38. Extract scaling from AffineTransform Let assume that the AffineTransform is a composite of scales, translates, and rotates.
  39. get Angle Degree
  40. Do a scaling transformation around the anchor point
  41. Draw positive sensor intervals on a complex region
  42. Fit y=ax^2+bx through (0,0), (x1,y1), (x2,y2).
  43. Check if two double precision numbers are "equal", i.e.
  44. Return true if c is between a and b.
  45. Return largest of four numbers.
  46. Adds two points.
  47. Multiplies a point with a scalar.
  48. Subtracts one point from another point.
  49. Whether point a must be rotated clockwise around the center point to align with point b.
  50. Rotates a point a given angle around the center.
  51. Returns the difference of both orientations.
  52. degrees To Radians
  53. Point Cross Product
  54. Converts radians to degrees.
  55. Converts degrees to radians.
  56. is Pythagorean Triplet
  57. is Pythagorean