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  1. Modular arithmetic for double value: m mod n
  2. Check if two doubles are equal to machine precision.
  3. Perform fuzzy comparison of two doubles with specified tolerance.
  4. Get log of a double + 1.
  5. Get log base 2 of a double.
  6. Get log base 10 of a double.
  7. Return natural log of a double.
  8. Compute hyperbolic sine of a double.

  9. Return the hyperbolic tangent of a double.
  10. Efficiently returns the binomial coefficient, often also referred to as "n over k" or "n choose k".
  11. Get exp( x ) - 1.
  12. Safely calculate hypotenuse value.
  13. calculate Standard Deviation
  14. Compute e^x to a given scale.
  15. Compute e^x to a given scale by the Taylor series.
  16. Compute x^exponent to a given scale.

  17. Compute the integral root of x to a given scale, x >= 0.
  18. Compute the natural logarithm of x to a given scale, x > 0.
  19. calculates x^exponent, that is, raise x to the poser of exponent.
  20. Compute the square root of x to a given scale, x >= 0.
  21. returns a nominal percentage (like 5.2%) as a fraction (0.052).
  22. Compute the multi-exponent base^exponent (modulo modulus) .
  23. Given a endpoints and control points, compute the coefficients to trace out the curve as p(t) = c[0] + c[1]*t + c[2]*t^2 + c[3]*t^3
  24. Checks if x is a power-of-two number.
  25. array Converged
  26. rounds double value upper half
  27. rounds to next int
  28. Return the minimum of three values.
  29. Calculates the greatest common divisor of an array using Euclid's method.
  30. divide With Math Rounding Mode And Scale
  31. divide With Rounding Mode
  32. Computes an exponent.