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  1. get Known Word Rate
  2. use a Or An
  3. Extract the first few words from a sentences within a maximum number of characters
  4. Remove phonetic characters or string from a content
  5. find first non-repeating character in the input string
  6. Get the common Postfix from two String
  7. Get the common Prefix for two String
  8. prints all permutations of a given string.

  9. permute String
  10. recursive call for getting permutations of the string.
  11. find if inputString is a Palindrome
  12. Reverses a String as per StringBuffer#reverse()
  13. Returns true if the two input strings are anagrams of each other, otherwise returns false.
  14. get Stop Words
  15. classify Return Age string
  16. classify Return Interval String

  17. start Stopwords
  18. get Largest Anagram Group
  19. get Contractions String
  20. get Similarity between two string list
  21. Very simple algorithm to calc the difference between 2 words.
  22. the rate list Known Word occur in list Word.
  23. check Anagram
  24. Check word for palindrome.
  25. Performs XOR operation between two Strings.
  26. get the Number of Times a Character Occurs In a String
  27. get Difference between two String
  28. Compute Jaccard's Coefficient of Similarity
  29. longest Common Substring
  30. Find the Levenshtein distance between two Strings.
  31. get Similarity between two String
  32. Calculates the Levenshtein Distance between to strings. Complexity - time: O(n^2) - space: O(n)
  33. Checks if a string is pure Ascii
  34. reverse a String without using StringBuilder
  35. Derived from pseudocode at: Used to determine edit distances between two strings
  36. Returns a string with upper-case ASCII letters (A to Z) converted to lower-case.
  37. remove Stop Words
  38. Checks whether a given string qualifies as a palindrome or not
  39. is English Stopword
  40. Gets all possible permutations of a string
  41. find Max Occurrence In String List
  42. Count Occurances Of String
  43. mutates list by removing set of indices from a list
  44. get Damerau Levenshtein Distance
  45. get Damerau Levenshtein Substring Distance
  46. Rolling String obfescation
  47. LZW String compress