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  1. merge 2 arrays of string values.
  2. Accepts an array of strings and returns the array flattened into a single string, optionally delimeted.
  3. object Array As String
  4. Copy the given Collection into a String array.
  5. Format an array of objects as a string separated by a delimiter by calling toString on each object
  6. Returns an ArrayList of strings, one for each line in the string after it has been wrapped to fit lines of maxWidth. This code assumes str is not null.
  7. Converts an array of ints into sets of comma-delimited value strings, each with a maximum number of numbers in.
  8. convert String Set To Sorted Array List

  9. Convert array To String
  10. Extract integer values from an array of strings into an array of int. Exceptions in the format of the string are trapped and 0 value(s) returned.
  11. remove Duplicates From ArrayList of String
  12. Transform two dimensional array as String
  13. Print an Object array to a String.
  14. get Array Type from String
  15. is Array for String representation
  16. mail address Array To String

  17. character Array To String
  18. string To Character Array
  19. get Array As String
  20. Returns an array of strings by splitting a given text into tokens, that are separated by the '|' character.
  21. Concatenate a string array with spaces.
  22. add String Element to String array
  23. Returns a String with the array printed as formatted text
  24. join String Array
  25. Returns a comma delimited string representing the value of the array.
  26. This utility function builds an printable string of the elements (values) of a given 2D double array and returns it.
  27. Takes an array with String elements, and combines them into a single string, with the given separator in between each element
  28. String array to String
  29. Integer array to String
  30. Double array to String
  31. Returns a string representation of the given array.
  32. add String Item To String Array
  33. sort And Clone String array
  34. Concatenate the given String arrays into one, with overlapping array elements included twice.
  35. Remove duplicate Strings from the given array.
  36. Merge two Strings containing a comma-separated list of values
  37. get Longest String