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  1. split Camel Case String to Map
  2. convert All Caps To Lower Camel Case, MY_CONSTANT to myConstant
  3. convert Camel Case To All Caps, myInteger to MY_INTEGER
  4. split Camel Case
  5. Write code to Converts a string that contains upper-case letter and underscores (e.g., constant names) to a camel-case string.
  6. convert Camel Case To All Caps
  7. match Camel Case using regex
  8. match Camel Case using regular expression

  9. Convert a camel-case string to underscores
  10. camel Case To Display Name
  11. display Name To Camel Case
  12. Helper method to replace camel casing with spaces between words using regex.
  13. Receives a word construct split in underscores and converts it to camelCase.
  14. to Camel Case
  15. delimited To Camel Case
  16. get Camel Case String

  17. Convert a column name with underscores to the corresponding class name using "camel case".
  18. Convert a column name with underscores to the corresponding property name using "camel case".
  19. Convert a name in camelCase to an underscored name in lower case.
  20. To camel case from underscore.
  21. to Capitalize Camel Case
  22. Return an array with start/end indices for the characters used for camel case matching, ignoring the first (start) many camel case characters.
  23. Returns the next index to be used for camel case matching.
  24. Return a regular expression for the given camel-case string.
  25. camel Case To Snake Case
  26. camel Case To Upper Snake Case
  27. camel Case To Dot Case by regex
  28. converts string to camel case, using the specified string delimiter
  29. converts ruby to camel case by regex
  30. camel Case to Underscore
  31. Convert name of format THIS_IS_A_NAME to ThisIsAName
  32. (branch_no -> branchNo )
  33. eg: player_id -> playerId; player_name -> playerName;