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  1. Convert a character to lower case.
  2. convert First Char To Lower Case
  3. convert First Char To Upper Case
  4. upper Case string and handle null value
  5. Convert a first character of a word or string of words into a different case, (upper to lower and lower to upper case)
  6. is All Upper Case Where Possible
  7. make First Letter Upper Case
  8. Swaps the case of a String changing upper and title case to lower case, and lower case to upper case.

  9. Converts a String to upper case as per String#toUpperCase()
  10. Returns the given string, with its first letter changed to lower-case unless the string starts with more than one upper-case letter, in which case the string will be returned unaltered.
  11. Replace Upper Case in a string With Underscores using regular expression
  12. A locale independent version of toLowerCase.
  13. A locale independent version of toUpperCase.
  14. Convert String to Upper Snake Case
  15. convert all But First Char To Lower Case
  16. Reformat a sentence by converting the first character as lower case and removing the last period.

  17. Converts a String to lower case as per String#toLowerCase()
  18. Create an all lowercase version substituting "_" for non-alphanumeric with trailing "_".
  19. to Hungarian Case
  20. underline Between Up Case
  21. Convert String to Proper Case
  22. convert String Camel Case To All Caps
  23. Returns a lowercase string consisting of all initials of the words in the given String.
  24. Replacing Strings ignoring Case
  25. converts string to ruby case, using the specified string delimiter
  26. Converts each unicode codepoint to lowerCase via Character#toLowerCase(int) starting at the given offset.
  27. Converts each unicode codepoint to UpperCase via Character#toUpperCase(int) starting at the given offset.
  28. Returns true if the string has exactly one uppercase letter, false otherwise
  29. is String Title Case
  30. is String Lower Case
  31. is String Upper Case
  32. parse Camel Case with regex
  33. camel Case To Snake Case with regex
  34. to Snake Case