Java java.lang String New Line

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  1. remove Newlines Tabs And Spaces
  2. remove Carrier Return
  3. convert new line to <br>
  4. get Index For Line Number
  5. get Line Number For Index
  6. Wraps the line of text and add the new line(s) to list.
  7. Break the textArea's text into lines along words.
  8. filter Break Line

  9. Each crlf is turned into an lf to deal with MSWindows, and then each remaining cr is turned into an lf to deal with Mac.
  10. Returns a string with visible new line characters, shown along the invisible ones.
  11. Remove any "\n" if and only if it is at the end of the supplied String.
  12. Removes \n from end of a String if it's there.
  13. Removes one newline from end of a String if it's there, otherwise leave it alone.
  14. Repeat a String repeat times to form a new String.
  15. Creates a new String using the source string and formats it using title case.
  16. Returns a list of string parsed from a input of textarea.

  17. Returns a string that, when interpreted as a literal, represents the original string.
  18. get Clean String List from comma separated string
  19. Break Up Lines in string via regex
  20. Checks a given String for '\' char and replaces '\' with '\\' Also replaces the \r\n to \\r\\n .
  21. Replaces OS specific illegal characters from any filename with '_', including ( / \n \r \t ) on all operating systems, ( ?
  22. Removes all carriage returns from a string
  23. Removes all extra whitespace (multiple spaces or tabs) from a string
  24. Removes any leading or trailing [] on the string.