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Java examples for java.lang:String Replace


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  1. Replace occurrences into a string
  2. Replaces all the occurrences of a given string with another string
  3. replace a string case insensitive
  4. replace all in a string
  5. Replaces all occurrences of a character in a String with another.
  6. Replaces all occurrences of Strings within another String.
  7. Replaces all occurrences of a String within another String.
  8. Replaces a String with another String inside a larger String, once.

  9. replaces all occurrences of the CR character with the LF character, except when the CR is immediately followed by a LF (CRLF sequences), in which case the CR is removed.
  10. change string by replacing
  11. Removes leading and trailing whitespaces from s and replaces all sequences of whitespaces inside s with a single space character.
  12. replace Difference between two Strings
  13. Replaces the part of string with another string without unnecessary deletions and insertions.
  14. This methods replaces invalid or reserved characters in a directory name.
  15. Encode a string so that it can be used in an LDAP search filter.
  16. replace substring only Once

  17. replace a String by Char
  18. replace a String with while loop
  19. Write code to replace a string using while loop
  20. replace Letter from a String using Regex
  21. replace Mark from HTML String
  22. Replaces all instances of old String with new String in line with the added feature that matches of new String in old String ignore case.
  23. remove Character from String
  24. remove Chars from String
  25. remove One Character Words
  26. Replace one string with another
  27. Will transform string to 'pig Latin', e.g.