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  1. Take a basic PDF string and produce a string from its bytes as an UTF16-BE encoding.
  2. Creates an UTF-8 string from a byte array.
  3. Creates a string from an UTF-8 encoded string.
  4. Creates a ISO-8859-1 version of an UTF-8 encoded string.
  5. convert from UTF-8 -> internal Java String format
  6. convert from internal Java String format -> UTF-8
  7. convert To UTF
  8. Convert String to UTF-8 literal

  9. Convert to String from UTF Byte Array
  10. Convert String to UTF Byte Array
  11. split UTF String
  12. byte To Dword
  13. byte To Word
  14. dword To Byte
  15. Retrieves a UTF-8 byte representation of the provided string.
  16. Encodes a string in UTF-8 as a byte array.

  17. Calculates the number of bytes needed to encode a string in UTF-8.
  18. Generates a text string from a UTF-8 byte array.
  19. Reads a string in UTF-8 encoding from a byte array.
  20. Utility method to remove non-ASCII characters from a string.
  21. Calculates the byte length of a UTF-8 encoded string.
  22. is Data UTF
  23. Determines if the String has any UTF-8 Type Characters in it's Data.
  24. Check the validity of the Length of a UTF8 String.
  25. Get length of UTF8 String Length
  26. Extract a UCS-2BE string from the specified buffer (buf) starting at position off, ending at position off+len
  27. ascii to native
  28. un Accent
  29. Extracts words from text removing non alpha characters
  30. is Ascii
  31. is Latin
  32. Converts byte array to string using UTF8 Encoding
  33. Converts the byte into string using UTF8 Encoding
  34. To String UTF 16
  35. Decodes an encoded UTF8 String.
  36. Get the number of bytes used by the modified UTF-8 encoded form of the given string.
  37. Unicode to UTF
  38. unicode To Utf via String
  39. utf To Unicode
  40. Convert UTF8 bytes into UTF16 characters.
  41. valid UTF String
  42. Calculates the number of UTF8 bytes necessary to write a UTF16 string.
  43. Returns the number of code points in this UTF8 sequence.
  44. Interprets the given byte array as UTF-8 and converts to UTF-16.
  45. This method assumes valid UTF8 input.
  46. UTF8 to UTF32
  47. Convert `len' bytes from utf8 to characters.