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Java examples for java.math:BigDecimal


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  1. get Only Decimal Time
  2. add two double value via BigDecimal
  3. divide two double via BigDecimal and control rounding
  4. multiply two double via BigDecimal
  5. round double value via BigDecimal
  6. subtract two double value via BigDecimal
  7. get Decimal Amount via BigDecimal
  8. format money Amount via BigDecimal

  9. add two BigDecimal together
  10. divide two BigDecimal value
  11. Compare two BigDecimal
  12. format BigDecimal by scale and rounding
  13. Is one BigDecimal greater than or equals to another BigDecimal
  14. Is one BigDecimal greater than another BigDecimal
  15. Is one BigDecimal less than or equals to another BigDecimal
  16. Is one BigDecimal less than another BigDecimal

  17. get min value from two BigDecimal
  18. multiply two BigDecimal
  19. Is one BigDecimal not equals to another BigDecimal
  20. subtract one BigDecimal from another BigDecimal
  21. parse To Big Decimal
  22. subtract Big Decimal
  23. sum Big Decimal
  24. add Balance to Money
  25. divide Balance Money
  26. multiply Balance Money
  27. subtract Balance Money
  28. big Decimal To String
  29. BigDecimal greater Than
  30. BigDecimal greater Than Or Equal
  31. BigDecimal less Than
  32. BigDecimal multiply
  33. BigDecimal round Up
  34. BigDecimal subtract
  35. format Currency via BigDecimal
  36. add two BigDecimal
  37. divide BigDecimal
  38. get Tens Int Value from BigDecimal
  39. get Tens Value from BigDecimal
  40. Multiplies first BigDecimal by second BigDecimal.
  41. Compare the BigDecimal first to the int second.
  42. returns amount as a percentage of total.
  43. to Big Decimal
  44. Returns zero when the given BigDecimal is null
  45. extremely simple version natural logarithm, using no algorithm tricks, but just via doubles and recreating BigDecimal Might give less accurate results, but this is to be tested.
  46. double to Big Decimal
  47. BigDecimal Sets [n] to [dp] decimal places.
  48. trim BigDecimal to cut off all trailing zeros.
  49. log BigDecimal
  50. Returns the mean number in the BigDecimal list.
  51. Returns the min number in the BigDecimal list.
  52. Calculates the square root of the BigDecimal.
  53. Returns the standard deviation of the BigDecimal.
  54. Returns the sum number in the BigDecimal list.
  55. Computes the variance of the available BigDecimal values.
  56. big Decimal to Integer
  57. BigDecimal to Long
  58. absolute value Compare To BigDecimal
  59. absolute value Different BigDecimal
  60. Returns the absolute value of the BigDecimal value, handles null.
  61. Add n BigDecimal safely
  62. all Null Or Zero BigDecimal
  63. random BigDecimal
  64. reverse +,- sign BigDecimal.
  65. Verifies if 2 BigDecimal s are identical (both null or both the same integer value).
  66. Formats the given BigDecimal to a readable String.
  67. Finds out the number format in String format, and parse the number to BigDecimal format.
  68. acos BigDecimal
  69. asin BigDecimal
  70. atan BigDecimal
  71. cosine BigDecimal
  72. cube root BigDecimal
  73. Compute e^x to a given scale for BigDecimal.
  74. Compute e^x to a given scale by the Taylor series for BigDecimal.
  75. compute PI and return BigDecimal
  76. BigDecimal the Babylonian square root method (Newton's method)
  77. BigDecimal equals Zero
  78. BigDecimal greater than Zero
  79. average a list of BigDecimal
  80. Scale BigDecimal object to prefer scale.
  81. round BigDecimal Half Up To DP
  82. Converting String into BigDecimal
  83. Calculates BigDecimal divided by total
  84. Calculates BigDecimal multiply i
  85. Calculates BigDecimal divided by total in percent form e.g.
  86. compare BigDecimal
  87. average BigDecimal
  88. compare 2 BigDecimals (null safe).
  89. BigDecimal divide
  90. BigDecimal greater Than
  91. BigDecimal greater Than Or Equal
  92. BigDecimal greater Than Zero
  93. is Zero BigDecimal
  94. BigDecimal absolute value
  95. big Decimal Format
  96. create Big Decimal
  97. BigDecimal to Byte Buffer
  98. ByteBuffer to Big Decimal
  99. add two double value via BigDecimal