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  1. Converts a BigInteger, e.g.
  2. convert BigInteger To Double
  3. convert BigInteger To Long
  4. power of BigInteger
  5. Decodes the hex encoded BigInteger.
  6. Returns the BigInteger as a hex encoded string.
  7. BigInteger factorial
  8. generate Solinas Prime

  9. get Random BigInteger
  10. hamming Weight BigInteger
  11. is Divisible BigInteger
  12. is Odd BigInteger
  13. is BigInteger Perfect Square
  14. sqrt BigInteger
  15. add a list of BigInteger
  16. Copy a BigInteger into a byte array.

  17. Convert a byte array into a BigInteger .
  18. Modular random BigInteger number generator.
  19. Converts a BigInteger into a hex string.
  20. Checks if two BigInteger arrays contain the same entries
  21. create Prime BigInteger
  22. Fill the given BigInteger array with the given value.
  23. Generates a subarray of a given BigInteger array.
  24. Converts a BigInteger array into an integer array
  25. Converts a BigInteger array into an integer array, reducing all BigIntegers mod q.
  26. Return the value of BigInteger as a byte array.
  27. convert Byte to BigInteger
  28. convert Int to BigInteger
  29. convert Long to BigInteger
  30. convert Short to BigInteger
  31. convert Unsigned Byte to BigInteger
  32. convert Unsigned Int to BigInteger
  33. convert Unsigned Long to BigInteger
  34. convert Unsigned Short to BigInteger
  35. BigInteger to Byte Array Little Endian
  36. BigInteger to Byte Array Little Endian Unsigned
  37. BigInteger to Byte Array Unsigned
  38. find BigInteger Nearest Power Of Ten
  39. sum BigInteger Of Digits
  40. BigInteger euler Criterion
  41. BigInteger inverse Mod
  42. BigInteger Jacobi
  43. next Big Integer
  44. Return the greatest common divisor of a and b, consistently with BigInteger#gcd(BigInteger) .