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  1. convert long to BitSet bit by bit
  2. Create BitSet from Byte Array
  3. Constructs a new BitSet of given size whose set bits are specified by indices .
  4. BitSet and Not
  5. BitSet are Equal
  6. cardinality = "total number of set bits in BitSet"
  7. copy BitSet
  8. copy Invert BitSet

  9. this one slides deleted bits out of a pattern for BitSet.
  10. BitSet have Common
  11. inverts the bitset bits 0 through n-1, and returns a reference to the modified bitset
  12. new BitSet
  13. BitSet set All
  14. BitSet set Bit
  15. Returns the number of bits set to true in the bitset.
  16. get Random Index from bitset

  17. Returns true if the first parameter bitset is a subset of the second parameter bitset.
  18. Convert a bitset object to a hexadecimal string, as required by ISO8583 bitmap (hex) format, of the specified length (right-passed with "00" if required)
  19. Answer with a byte array representation of the supplied BitSet
  20. Answer with a BitSet initialized from a byte array representation of a bitmap
  21. is BitSet Subset
  22. BitSet not operation
  23. BitSet shift Left
  24. BitSet shift Right
  25. BitSet to Binary String
  26. BitSet flip(0, numbits);
  27. Typically takes a list of BitSets and returns a BitSet with the OR of all of them.
  28. Returns the int value of a six bit substring from the BitSet.
  29. byte array to BitSet
  30. Convert a BigInteger into a BitSet.
  31. Convert a BitSet to an unsigned BigInteger.
  32. Convert a BitSet to a binary representation string.
  33. Stores a BitSet object as a string in a map.
  34. Convert a BitSet to a signed integer using two's complement encoding.
  35. Converts a BitSet to String
  36. Convert a BitSet to an unsigned integer.
  37. Convert an integer to BitSet.
  38. Parses a string representation of a BitSet into a BitSet7 object.
  39. Shifts bits of a BitSet object one place to the left.
  40. Shifts bits of a BitSet object one place to the right.
  41. Converts a string into a BitSet.
  42. Convert BitSet to Byte Array
  43. Convert int to BitSet
  44. Convert BitSet to Int
  45. String to BitSet
  46. BitSet to String
  47. Creates a BitSet representation of a given long
  48. Creates an long out of a bitset
  49. Creates a short integer from a bitset
  50. Create a bitset from a positive long.
  51. Compute the sum of the two input bitsets.
  52. Convert a bitset to a BigInteger.
  53. Convert a bitset into displayable values (hex,unsigned,signed).
  54. Convert a bitset to an int.
  55. Convert a bitset to a long.
  56. Convert a BitSet to a string representation in the specified radix.
  57. Convert a BitSet to a string representation in base 10 assuming two's complement.
  58. BitSet to Int Array
  59. BitSet to Integer
  60. BitSet to Long Array
  61. BitSet to Long
  62. value Of int and int as BitSet
  63. BitSet To Byte
  64. BitSet To Char
  65. BitSet To Int
  66. get BitSet From Byte
  67. get BitSet From Char
  68. get BitSet From Int
  69. print BitSet
  70. Is Bit Set
  71. Is Any Bit Set
  72. print Bit Set List
  73. from Bit Set to byte array
  74. Convert an 8 bit int (unsigned byte) to a bitset
  75. Convert byte to bitset
  76. Convert a value to a bitset
  77. Returns a value with the least significant bit set to the value
  78. Convert a bitset to an integer value
  79. Returns a string of the bits of a bitset Starts from the end of the bitset and prints left to right moving to lower bits