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  1. Checks to see if the collection is of size 1 and if so returns that element.
  2. Returns the element at the specified position in the collection.
  3. add Element Before And After an Element in Collection
  4. Retrieves all elements from a collection that match a predicate.
  5. Adds all of the elements in the specified collection to the target collection if a collection is specified.
  6. Return Any element In a Collection
  7. Gets one element from the provided Collection.
  8. Tests if at least one element in as satisfies predicate p.

  9. Equal check for Collection and their elements without restricting the order of their elements.
  10. Given two collections of elements of type , return a collection with the items which only appear in one collection or the other
  11. Given two collections of elements of type , return a collection with the items which only appear in both lists
  12. map each element in a collection via Function
  13. cast Collection element by class
  14. get element in collection by index
  15. Returns non-overlapping elements of two collections.
  16. get Sole Element from Collection

  17. Make a string from a collection separating each element by sep.
  18. Adds all elements to the Collection
  19. Returns true iff at least one element is in both collections.
  20. Returns a Map mapping each unique element in the given Collection to an Integer representing the number of occurrences of that element in the Collection .
  21. Check if Collection has Elements
  22. get Different elements between two collection and return a collection
  23. most Occurring Element in Collection
  24. Ensures that all elements of the given collection can be cast to a desired type.
  25. Finds the maximum element in the collection
  26. Prints the collection elements to the console
  27. combine property value of elements in collection, return a String List
  28. Find the common element type of the given Collection, if any.
  29. Returns a String representation of the given collection by separating the elements with the given separator.
  30. Answer a random element from source Collection
  31. Selects all elements from input collection which match the given predicate into an output collection.
  32. clone all elements in Collection
  33. Cast objects to clazz
  34. Returns an object different from the given one.
  35. find Object in a Collection via Comparator
  36. Find a single value of the given type in the given Collection.
  37. add All Not Exists from one Collection to another Collection
  38. add to Collection if Not Exists
  39. Construct a string by toString() each item in the collection with inBetween between each item.
  40. Partitions a collection into groups based on a characteristics of that group.
  41. Move objects from collection to other collection
  42. Find a value of the given type in the given Collection.
  43. Splits a collection of any object into a map of the provided field value and collection.
  44. Generates permutations from a list of collections.
  45. Average absolute value in Collection