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  1. Tries to find an one occurrence of an object in the given collection.
  2. Find the common element type of the given Collection, if any.
  3. Find a single value of the given type in the given Collection.
  4. checks for a null list and returns Collections.emptyList in that case.
  5. checks for a null set and returns Collections.emptySet in that case.
  6. returns true if the specified collection is null or empty
  7. Filter an Collection using an Predicate instance. Example: The sample below is going to return a Collection that inside of it, it'll have just a single instance of a String "A Object".
  8. Returns all occurrences objects satisfying some criterion in the given collection.

  9. Returns all occurrences of objects satisfying some criterion in the given collection.
  10. Returns all occurrences of objects of a certain runtime type in the given collection.
  11. Executes a function on each item in a Collection and returns the results in a new List
  12. Return a collection as Constant List
  13. randomize Collection and return a List
  14. Returns the combined value of all entries in the Integer Collection
  15. return true if collection is not null and contains the items
  16. return true if collection has only 1 item (null safe)

  17. return true if none of the collections are empty or null
  18. Returns a Collection containing the exclusive disjunction (symmetric difference) of the given Collection s.
  19. Returns a new Collection containing a - b.